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Lee Hi - Rose

No description

Angel Lim

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Lee Hi - Rose

by Angel Lim About Lee Hi Lee Ha Yi September 23, 1996
( Yes, she's 16 ) Bucheon, South Korea Currently attending School of Performing Arts in Seoul Runner up of SBS Kpop Star 2012 Beginning of her Career Scouted by YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun-suk Unlike other trainees, she debuted within a year On October 29 Lee Hi debuted with her first single "1,2,3,4" "It's Over" was her next single, released on March 7th 2013 Under YG Entertainment, one of Big Three entertainment companies of South Korea ( artists from here include Bigbang, 2ne1, and Psy ) She released her album "First Love: on March 21, 2013 One week later, the music video for Rose was released. Rose Written by Teddy Park, one of the producers at YG Composed by Teddy and Song Baek Kyung The genre is R&B, and is categorized under Kpop It reached #1 on Mnet singles chart, and withing days it was the top song of over 10 charts The dark and soulful tone of this song compliments the metaphorical lyrics. Lee Hi has a very distinct strong and soulful voice, very much like Adele Thanks For Watching
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