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Samoan Dating

A slide show depicting the dating and courtship norms of American Samoa.

Ryan Lagasse

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Samoan Dating

Samoan Dating Culture Ryan Lagasse Dating Norms in Samoa Marriage Customs The marriage customs in Samoa are similar to those of American culture. Symbols and Ceremonies Samoan weddings are generally planned by the family, and the major symbols used are the beauty of the nature that they live on. The trees, flowers, the beach, and many other things are incorporated in a Samoan wedding. Samoan Household Family Authority Family Continued Other Samoan Norms Child Rearing SAMOA!! In Samoa, the dating culture is very similar in the regard that the tougher and stronger men are seen as better mates. The respect of the family is still a factor in Samoa, but it's taken to a whole new level. But in Samoa... All of the men are big.. Two people date for enough time to become financially stable and emotionally connected. Then the man proposes. The only major difference with Samoan marriage customs is in regards to the proposal. When they propose they don't kneel because they don't kneel to anyone other than God. And the man also must prove to the parents that he is fit to be a father, and a husband. They do so by doing extensive chores for the family, as well as gathering food for them. Children are raised from age 5 until marriage to serve the family and respect their elders. When they're married, the have their own family to focus on, but their elders are still to be treated with great respect and honor. In the family setting, the father is generally seen as the authority figure, as well as the provider of the family. Similar to American culture. The elders are held to a higher standard because they are wise, and have been through what life has to offer. They start providing for the family at age 5. Whether it's economically or agriculturally. When they get hitched they have to worry about their own family, and providing for themselves. No matter how old they are, they have to respect their elders to the fullest extent. Samoans take tattoos very seriously. It's a sign of strength and honor. The more tattoos and the different patterns you have, the more skillful of a hunter, and a gatherer you are. Women view tattoos as attractive because they'll make better fathers and protectors. Samoans are beasts Work Cited http://www.samoa.co.uk/music&culture.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Samoa http://www.amsamoatourism.com/culture.htm http://www.youtube.com/
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