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Tanu Bondu and Amanda Gooden

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lib hist

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Tanu Bondu and Amanda Gooden

Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker recieved the Medal of Honor from President Johnson in 1865. In 1861, she volunteered as a nurse during the Civil War and later worked on the battlefield. Walker became the assistant surgeon in the Army of the Cumberland in 1863. She was imprisoned by the Confederate Army and couragesly stayed there for four months until her release. Mary Edwards Walker recieved the Medal of Honor for her service in the Civil War and she remains the only woman to recieve this recognition.
Jacklyn H. Lucas
Jacklyn H. Lucas, recieved the Medal of Honor on October 5th, 1942. He lied his way in to serve during World War 2, forging his mother's signiture and pretending he was seventeen years old instead of fourteen(his real age). Lucas served in Iwo Jima and was walking through a deadly gorge when he and 3 members of his squad were attacked. Lucas risked his life and shielded his crew with his body. He had twenty-six operations in the following months but his bravery was recognized with a Medal of Honor from President Truman.
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis received the Medal of honor on November 19th, 1968 from President Johnson. On November 18th,1967 Sammy Davis was wounded and under intense enemy fire when crossed a river to rescue three injured soldiers near Cai Lay,Vietnam. Then,Davis took over the units that were burning and he fired several shells himsef. He achieved his childhood dream of being a Medal of Honor recipient and serving his nation.
Robert Howard
Robert Howard received the Medal of Honor on March 2nd,2009 from President Nixon. On December 30th, 1968,Robert risked his life on a rescue mission in Cambodia. Howard was seriouly injured and he saw that his platoon leader was also injured and was exposed to an enemy soldier with a firethrower. Seeing this,Robert threw a grenade at the enemy,grabbing his leiutenent even though he could not walk. He served his country proudly with bravery and courage.
The Medal Of Honor
The Medal of Honor has been awarded to almost 3,500 deserving indivisuals for their commendable actions. Originally created for the Civil War, The Medal of Honor became a permenant decoration in 1863 after being approved by Congress. This medal is the nation's
rarest achievement and a privilege to recieve.
Tanu Bondu and Amanda Gooden
is love and devotion to one's country.
Mary Edwards Walker was patriotic when she volunteered as a nurse to serve her country.
Jacklyn H. Lucas showed patriotism when he enrolled in the Navy as a fourteen year old and voluntarily served his country.
Robert Howard was patriotic when he fought even when he couldn't walk.
Sammy Davis showed patriotism when he decided he was going to serve his country at a young age.
is showing or being treated with high respect and esteem.
Mary Edwards Walker by saving many lives and treating wounded soldiers.
Jacklyn Lucas showed honor when he served his country and later recieved a degree in business from a University in North Carolina.
Robert Howard showed honor when he protected his platoon leader even when he was injured.
Sammy Davis showed honor when he saved three soldiers even when he couldn't walk.
is the ability to do something that frightens one.
Mary Edwards Walker showed courage when she was determined to be in the health field when women were not being accepted.
Jacklyn Lucas showed courage when he enlisted in the military at age 14, four years before the approved age.
Sammy Davis showed courage when he refused medical attention when he was hurt and went to fight with his crew.
Robert Howard showed courage when he put his leuitenent's life before his and protected him.
is showing bravery in the face of danger.
Mary Edwards Walker showed valor when she was captured by the Confedarate Army, but bravely stayed there until her release.
Jacklyn Lucas showed valor when he risked his life when he shieded his squad from the grenade.
Robert Howard showed valor when he threw grenades at the enemy to save his platoon leader.
Sammy Davis showed valor when he went to fight even when his sergeant said,"Your chance of getting hit tonight is 100%".
All four Medal of Honor recepients were very brave and made a change in the world. They truly fought like great Americans and put others lives over themselves. The four indivisuals knew there was a chance for death but still proudly served their country. They didn't recieve the award because they killed people, but because they saved them and looked out for everyone. All four are inspirations to everyone and are great leaders. They sacrificed their lives for their country and people without thinking about themselves. The Medal of Honor is the highest award given and these four people who have achieved it are examples for everyone.
2. http://www.military.com/NewContent/0,13190,MoH_Sammy_Davis,00.html
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