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No description

Samantha Serazo

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Code-switching

Language Variation Motivation Communities Benefits of Code Switching Negative Aspects? Mechanics free morpheme constraint

estoy eat-iendo
culaless Code-switching and Dialects Code-Switching * Promotes bilingual culture * hurts the preservation of indigenous/less used languages

* reflects an unequal power dynamic

* might allow speakers
to fake proficiency

* legitimizing inequality? Communication with variation What is Code-switching? "Substituting a word or phrase from one language with a word or phrase from another language." History of Code-switching Origin of the Term and History of Documentation Types of Variation Importance Connection and Global Communication Less Innocent Uses of Code Switching.... - Code switching never happens in isolation!!
It's all about * recent or established immigrant communities

* former colonial states

* diaspora communities

* minorities with a dialect
or language different from
that of the majority

* others? What is NOT Code-switching? Take a Guess!!! Markedness Model Rights and Obligations sets social forces
normative models social solidarity (see handout) Sequential analysis HOW before WHY
meaning > social values Communication Accommodation Theory emphasize or minimize social differences
links between language, context, identity
convergence/divergence Codeswitching in Bollywood Diglossia one community, two closely related languages or dialects

two varieties of language:
highly codified/formal

e.g. Chinese: various types of spoken Chinese, Mandarin as official variety equivalence constraint

I like you porque eres simpático.
I saw lo. (Yo lo vi) closed class constraint

some chairs-la
(on some chairs) matrix language frame

matrix language
embedded language functional head constraint
(sentence diagrams!)

pocos students finished the exam.
pocos estudiantes finished the exam. Dialects Types of Switching Intersentential switching

Intra-sentential switching

Intra-word switching * Acts as social glue * Helps preserve heritage * Increases cultural understanding? 1300-1400s Catalan Jews 1947 Mexican-Americans 1953-1954 Today Uriel Weinreich & Hans Vogt Questions If you are working in a bilingual school (dual-immersion), but in a one language classroom setting would you support code-switching or encourage the students to only speak one at a time? Do you think code switching allows people to hide a lack of proficiency? What can be done to ensure the spread of globally dominant languages don't weaken other languages?
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