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Harris County Sheriff's Office

No description

Tito Brown

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Harris County Sheriff's Office

The uniform for the Harris county sheriff is their given button up shirts, their given slacks/pants, their belt with their accessories they need, black boots and their campaign hats.
Harris County Sheriff's Office
Mario Munoz
Lilliana Cruz
Gracy Caceres
Juanita Cruz
Irineo Serna
alyssa wood

"The Harris County Sheriff's Office, founded in 1837, is the largest sheriff's office in Texas and the third largest in the United States. Our more than 4,000 employees are committed to the safety of the nearly 4 million residents who call Harris County home."
Cop Vehicles
They have ''ghost cars'' to hide from pedestrians. They also have their standard vehicles on the high ways and on local streets.
Adrian Garcia
Born December 5, 1950
Served 23 years with the Houston Police Department
Served 6 years as a Houston city Councilmen
In 2008, he defeated 12 year incumbent
Tommy Thomas to become sheriff of
Harris County

Motto/Core Value
"21st century leading law enforcement agency."

"Merit and maintain the public’s trust
Embrace and deliver professional service
Protect our citizens with honor and courage
Exemplify ethical conduct at all times
Develop, encourage, and care for our Sheriff’s Office family"

Harris County Sheriff's Office
HCSO Marine Patrol
The HCSO marine patrol has been protecting the water ways for Harris County for more than 50 Years.
Dive Team-recovers lost/missing persons ,evidence,weapons
Clear Lake Patrol-they conduct boat safety
Vehicle Recovery-they recover vehicles out of the water
HCSO Special Operations

The HCSO Special Operations Consists of the following......
Criminal Warrants
Fugitive Warrants
Special Response Team (SRT)
Tactical Medicine
Child Predator and Sexual Offender Teams
Investigations and Crime Scene Unit (CSU)
Dignitary Protection
Aviation Support Unit
Patrol Bureau
"The Reserve Patrol Bureau is assigned a dedicated fleet of patrol vehicles for use by Reserve Patrol Deputies. These vehicles are equipped with the latest law enforcement technology, including a digital video recorder, GPS mapping software, mobile data terminals, traffic radars, spike strips, etc."
HCSO Jobs and Divisions
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is divided into ten bureaus:
-Patrol Support Services
-Public Services
-Field Operations Support
-Human Resources
-Support Services
-Homeland Security.
Each bureau, commanded by a major, performs essential functions for the department. Each bureau is further divided into divisions/sections.
The number of sworn members in the HCSO is 2,545 & the number of unsworn members is 1,000.
The jurisdiction of the Harris County Sheriff's Office often overlaps with several other law enforcement agencies, among them the Texas Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol), the eight Harris County Constable Precincts, and several municipal police agencies including the city of Houston Police Department.
The duties of a Texas sheriff generally include keeping the county jail, providing bailiffs for the county and district courts within his county and serving process issued by said courts, and providing general law enforcement services to residents.
John Moore was sworn in as the first sheriff of what was then called Harrisburg County (later renamed Harris County) in February 1837. Among the oldest law enforcement agencies in Texas, the department has grown from a single man on horseback to a modern agency with 3500 employees, including over 2500 sworn officers.

-Chief Deputy




-Sergeant Supervisor / Sergeant Investigator
Ranks Continued
Those with the rank of sergeant and above are issued gold badges. Deputies are issued silver badges. Detention officers (jailers) wear white uniform shirts and are issued a silver badge and Detention Officer Sergeants are issued gold badges and wear red stripes . Academy cadets wear a white uniform shirt with a cloth badge.
Promotion to the ranks of sergeant through captain are made via a civil service testing process that includes a written exam and an oral review board. Chief deputies and majors are appointed by the sheriff.
Be 21 years of age on date of appointment.
Have a high school diploma or GED
Be U.S. citizen
Have a valid Texas driver's license
Have good credit
Provide a transcript showing at least 30 completed college/university credit hours or 2 years military service
Pass a physical examination
Eyesight must be correctable to 20/20
Hearing must be normal
Show no trace of illegal drug abuse
Successfully pass a psychological evaluation
Applicants will be interviewed and given a polygraph exam
Operational structure
Harris County Sheriff's Office
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