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Sierra Gargac

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Fashion

Economic, Historical & Social
Parallels to Fashion

1900s Suffragette
Green- Hope
White- Purity
Violet- Dignity

1900s Suffragette
-hold elaborate hats in place on head by pinning to hair

1900s Shirtwaist
Symbol of freedom from gender-role duties
Declining Economy, Hardships
Hemlines drop
modest, responsible, working role
War seeming imminent
military inspired trends & square shoulders

kept short hair of 20s
Frugal, Utilitarian Daywear

WWII defined the decade
Service men and women
-nice uniforms
Even upper class and high end designers affected
Over 5 years, women in workforce increase from 27% to 37%
fill positions in munitions workforce
Boldness and confidence among minority groups
End of war upswing
1950s youth
Sandra Dee-
Bermuda shorts
I was a mod even before I became a model
. You were either a mod or a rocker. The
rode motorbikes, wore leather gear, and the girls wore
leather trousers, leather jackets
. And the mods, we all dressed alike. This was before the mini. This was the early ‘60s. We used to wear
pleated skirts
hushpuppy shoes-flat
, lace-up, suede shoes-nylon macs, and
little grey jumpers
. And the hair, which is what I had, was center parting, straight, and long. So that was the real mods and rockers, and then it segued into the mid ‘60s, which was when my look happened. By the end of the ‘60s, the mods and rockers kind of peaked.
Then it became mod fashion, which was different
Beatnik Generation influence

, and
Slogan “

Early 1900s
Suffragette Era

-Support for rights movement
-Sign of unity
Fearful of women's power & independence
Hats and Hatpins
Functional, simple button-down design
Modeled after menswear& work shirts
18th Amendment- Prohibition of alcohol
New age of
rebellion, money,
& entertainment
Cloche hats
Diagonal hems
Costume jewelry&high heels
Bold colors, geometric patterns
19th Amendment-
Women granted right to vote
Sporty, athletic
Short, bob hairstyle

Straight lines
Waist lowered to hip on dress
No defined waistline
-parallels feeling of equality

1926- Flapper image established
Short hemlines of flapper dress
Mobility for dancing (Charleston)
Confidence and Independence
Jazz Age of speakeasies
Easily constructed at home
minimal material & sewing
Great Depression
Lighthearted spirit
of 20s diminished
Unemployment& spending cuts
put fashion on backburner
Daywear becomes functional for busy, working life
Skirts moved up to waist again
revive feminine silhouette lost by flappers
Cannot afford fashionable, frivolous fashion
New roles
Take care of family
Find employment
everything rationed
short supply of material and fabric
Fashion more practical than inventive
Coco Chanel took 15
year break in 1939
"No time for fashion"
Men enlisted
No leisure at home sewing new, fancy dresses
Practical work-wear
women in aviation industry
65% women
May 29th, 1943
Saturday Evening Post
Rosie the Riveter
End of war
1 of every 4
married women worked outside of the house
Factory uniform clad, bandana wearing, muscular woman
Boom in Los Angeles population
"Zoot Suit"
made popular by African American jazz members
-baggy pants
-oversized jacket with prominent shoulders & narrow waist
Sleepy Lagoon Murder Trial
Created two-piece swimsuit- "Bikini"
Bikini Atoll
in the Pacific Ocean

Skimpy, "atom-sized"
Louis Reard
Media growing influence
TVs in 1 of 8 houses
Hollywood boom
Music for youth
fabric rationing diminished
Christian Dior - 'New Look'
25 yards of fabric
3 yards
feminine frills, florals, frivolous fabrics
DeDe Johnson-
pedal pusher pant
Audrey Hepburn-
leotard with full A-line skirt
African American civil rights
Illustrated injustice and inhumanity
Peaceful parades in church clothing
Respectable, American, "white" clothes
Fashion Icon Twiggy
1966, Mary Quant designed
the Mini Skirt
Diversity of Youth = Diversity of Fashion
Women earning equal
respect at work
Seattle Washington
Mod, "modernist" style
radical expressive ideal
inner-self and anti-materialistic views
niche style including a
black turtleneck jumper, sunglasses, and beret
Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Burroughs
Beat poet ideas stimulate
Mod Generation
Sleek lines & silhouettes
Martin Luther King
"I have a dream" speech

200,000 demonstrators march on Washington, D.C.
Propelled African American fashions into spotlight
Influenced fashion during 70s protest for change
Flowy and tribal prints
July 20, 1969
-Apollo 11 landed on the moon
Neil Armstrong broadcasted across nation
Space Age fashion
neon hues and leather
metallic colors, metal bead
The Hippies
Designers didn't dictate fashion,
youth& small boutiques did
Music influences
The Beatles
Jimi Hendrix
Rolling Stones
Influenced by Beat Poets
Expression of morals and emotions rather than social class
Peace, love, "one with nature"
Protest of Vietnam War
outlet of creativity
representation of new desires
aspect of psychedelic art
Tie Dye
psychedelic drugs
visually express "tripping out" on LSD
Art Nouveau
Hippies: Vietnam War

Disco: Social revolution & openness
Punk: Anti-establishment & government
Glam-Rock: Unemployment situation
Career-man silhouette
1st Woman on Supreme Court
Health &
Fitness Craze

"Just Do It"
Marc Jacobs
Nirvana & Pearl Jam
"heroin chic"
1909 - Arkansas and Illinois law to limit hatpin length to 9 inches
1908 - Suffragettes on trial to remove hatpins

No expensive nightwear
Zoot Suiters "dangerous & murderous gangs"
1943- White Servicemen Vigilantes
Symbol of minority unity
1st Atomic bomb site
feminine silhouette
Vicious dogs & fire hoses
Met With
"Fashion is a mirror of history."
-Louis IV
"Fashion is both a predecessor of what has taken place in larger society, and a predictor of what will take place."
-David Wolfe

-industry glamorizes a "look"
-more purpose than modesty and warmth
-premium over necessity costs
1. Your celebrity fashion icon is:

A. Mary-Kate Olsen
B. Kate Middleton
C. Cameron Diaz
D. Victoria Beckham
E. Zooey Deschanel
F. Kim Kardashian
2. Your ideal date night outfit includes:
A. A flowy tunic, gladiator sandals and a feather hair accessory.
B. Your grandmother's pearls, a little black dress and nude pumps.
C. Yoga pants, a tight workout top and the newest Nike running shoes.
D. White blazer, black scoop-neck top, and black high-heeled booties.
E. A flowered sundress with a sweetheart neckline, kitten heels and a swipe of red lipstick.
F. A tight, animal print dress, sky-high heels and smoky eyes

3. Your go-to accessory is:
A. A coral and teal beaded bracelet.
B. Diamond earring studs.
C. Your eco-friendly water bottle.
D. Your white ceramic Chanel watch.
E. Polka-dot cardigan.
F. Shiny pink lip plumper gloss
4. You tend to wear your hair:
A. Wavy and long.
B. With a soft, subtle curl.
C. In a ponytail!
D. In a short, sleek bob.
E. Teased and with blunt bangs.
F. Voluminous with flowing waves.
5. Your favorite vacation spot that
most matches your style is:
A. Venice beach, California.
B. Nantucket or Cape Cod.
C. Hawaii.
D. Manhattan beach, California.
E. Boulder or Denver, Colorado.
F. Vegas, baby!
6. When lounging around, your typical comfy clothes include
A. A worn-in vintage band tee like "The Clash" or "The Who."
B. A lacy tank top or camise.
C. Yoga pants and a sports bra.
D. Crisp jeans and a white cotton tee, both designer.
E. Flannel pajamas.
F. A Juicy Couture tracksuit.
7. Your celebrity crush is:
A. Johnny Depp.
B. Prince William.
C. Matthew McConaughey.
D. David Beckham.
E. Penn Badgley.
F. Brody Jenner.

8. Your two favorite stores are:
A. Urban Outfitters and Free People.
B. Neiman Marcus and J. Crew.
C. Lululemon and GNC.
D. Barney's and Chanel.
E. LUSH Cosmetics and Anthropologie.
F. Bebe and Victoria's Secret.

9. Song that describes you and your style the most:
A. "Electric Feel" by MGMT
B. "Dreamgirl" by Dave Matthews Band
C. "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
D. "Heads Will Roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
E. "This Must Be The Place" by The Talking Heads
F. "In the Dark" by Dev
10. The colors you're most drawn to:
A. Coral, turquoise, and jewel-tones.
B. Light pink, white and pastels.
C. Royal blue, red, yellow- any color that gets my energy up.
D. Black, beige, cremes, white, nude, gray- neutral tones.
E. Mustard yellow, forest green, orangey-red.
F. Hot pink, neon yellow and glitter!
A's - 1970
B's - 1950
C's - 1980
D's - 1920
E's - 1960
F's - 1980
-political vs. media
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