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Celebrity Endorsement

No description

Knarf Iast

on 4 July 2012

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Transcript of Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement /// Consumer Behaviour Frank Tsai source credibility
halo effect
hype Exercise Michael Schumacher Serena Williams Gwen Stefani Barack Obama AGENDA: Fun exercise
Celebrity who?
Case study Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine NIKE Sex animals! DOG KILLAH! Pair up a brand/product with the
following celebrities Served 23 months in jail for funding and organizing illegal dog fights
3 years of probation after release Deals Nike
Film rights STILL A SUCCESS IN MARKETING! Give me some 2cents yo!!! Do you think human endorsers are more effective or non-human endorsers? What could have Nike done to prevent potential boycotting campaigns? Profits over ethnics? Was it ethical for Nike to re-sign Michael Vick? Do you like my presentation? 2009 - 2010 ^17% in units
^30% in dollars Benefits of non-human endorsers Not geographically limited
More cost-effective than hiring a person
Always operational 24/7
No animal abuse or sex scandals! Michael Vick Monster Cable Products Inc. Types of attitude change (National Purchase Diary) Non-human endorser What is the perception of beer through our daily life?
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