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Arch of Titus

No description

Christopher Bravo

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Arch of Titus

Arch of Titus Christopher Bravo Description Dimensions Description Date Ordered to be Built: 81 A.D.
Date Finished: 85 A.D.
Ordered to be Built by: Domitian
who was Titus's brother. Reason Why It Was Built Location Titus Vespasian Titus Vespasian The amazing arch was built in 81-85 AD to remember
the capture of Jerusalem over the Jewish Zealots,
who are jewish political leaders. In 66 AD Jewish Zealots started a revolt against
the Romans because they were controlling Judea,
which was in Jerusalem. After Vespasian became emperor, his son Titus took over command of the troops who were besieging Vedea. Besieging means to not allow any resources in or out of a city, castle, etc.
After Vespasian became emperor, his son Titus took command over the revolt. After Vespasian died, Titus became the emperor of Rome, but died two years later. His brother Emperor Domitian ordered the arch to be built for him in 81 A.D. On one side of the archway there is a menorah,
silver trumpets, and the Table of The Shrewbread which was held by Roman soldiers.

There is an arch in the background that the soldiers are about to walk on which is leading them to Rome. On the other side it shows Titus in a chariot
with the gods Victoria and Roma. The inscriptions in the arch mean
'The Roman Senate and People to
Deified Titus, Vespasian Augustus,
son of Deified Vespasian'
were originally in bronze but it faded away Height – 16.84 yards
Width – 14.76 yards
Depth – 5.19 yards

Archway (height) – 9.07 yards
Archway (width) – 5.86 yards Located in Rome,Italy and more specifically in the then Forum Romanum which was the center of life in Rome. This was where people traded. Titus Taking Over Jerusalem Vespasian, a Roman military leader, was sent from Rome to suppress the revolt. Titus captured Jerusalem in 70 A.D. with four groups of soldiers and the revolt was completely ended in 72 A.D. Titus captured Jerusalem in 70 A.D. with four groups of soldiers and the revolt was completely ended in 72 A.D.
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