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No description

Maddie Haugen

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of turtles

Fun Facts Turtles come in many shapes and sizes. Some can swim some stay on land. When you see a sign (to the left) you sould do it because very little of the baby turtles get across the road. So please watch what you are doing and if you are in a hurry and see one stop get out of the car and put it the way the head is going. That will help a lot so the turtle will not cross the road again. Fun Facts Turtles hacth from eggs! Fun Fact Turtles lay their eggs on land. They dig a hole in the sand with their back legs. Then they lay over 100 eggs. They do this because about only 4 or 5 baby turtles make it to the water. So if you would be kind when you see a mother turtle laying eggs remember the date, look online to see when they hatch. Also put a strong and small little metal fence to keep racons out of the eggs. When they hatch let them find their way to the water and watch them so nothing happens to them. This is a tortes, one of the biggest turtles on the planet. Some zoos let you ride a tortes. I hear it is the funnest thing to do in the zoo! Turtles and torteses are reptiles. They are not amfibians or mammals. They were alive when dinasours walked the earth. So they are special animals. Please keep them alive!!!!! Bye!!!!!!
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