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S-CASE Exploitation Plan

No description


on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of S-CASE Exploitation Plan

Dissemination & Exploitation Tasks(On going)
Initiated a two directions Dissemination/Exploitation Plan from start
Two Main User Pools:
Small Software Houses
DEVers from freelance community
Built a Dissemination-Exploitation Kit and defined an engagement roadmap for anyone who is approached/interested!

Open Audience
Single Question Web poll
SCM Campaigns
Dissemination & Exploitation Tasks (upcoming)
Lead collecting from participation in EXPOs and Conferences
Feedback from a Hackathon Event on May 2016
Defining possible revenue channels & business model

engaging by offering free of use for a set of features
(i.e modal requirements collector,JAVA source code)
Subscription fee for more features
(i.e. .NET compatibility,Best Service Nominator etc)
Sustainability and business model
Still early but lets stick to the plan
Need to collect more feedback and results
Need to engage more users
Need to consider rapid ecosystem evolution
Need to consider infrastructure cost per channel
Results will help acknowledge a solid Target Group,their covered need therefore solutions added value.So far...
Frontend DEVer(WEB or Mobile interface)
Freelancer or part of an Marketing/Advertising schema
Junior/Medior level
No Backend expertise(DB schema & BackBone designing)
Becomes autonomous and produce the full application with no need of Backend expertise or additional DEV resources.
from roots to fruits!

Made a Target group List from EXPOs so far and started with Newsletters and direct communications

Initially we defined potential Target Groups by answering to "Who could benefit from S-CASE SW platform and methodology?"
All our Social Media & WEB channels lead to:
a one Page engagement portal for Lead finding(B2B) and free plug-in download(B2DEVer)
two Dissemination "WHY S-CASE..." videos
(one per Target Group)
Access to fully functional DEMO with a "How to... tutorial video
Started building a Dissemination/exploitation List
Direct contact or Physical presence Dissemination material
A Platform presentation focusing on WHYs and not on HOWs
Posters & flyers for EXPOs & Conferences
Delivering DEMOs & Market research surveys
Solid foundation
a fully functional SW tool that instantly produces flawless, comprehensible, source code and DB schema directly from phrasal requirements.
Open-source,Clouded,using today's and future technologies makes it maintainable and compatible
"watering" the dissemination & exploitation Tree with Activities
Managed to
initiate discussions for two pilots in SWHs(Serbia,Bulgaria)
B2B(Delivering Services by project)
S-CASE infrastructure On premises installation
Applying S-CASE methodology on demand by enabling effectively DEV teams
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