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John Martin

No description

Gina Mendez

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of John Martin

Art Description
Artwork Analysis
Artwork Interpretation
Artwork Judgement or Evaluation
The dark color choice was a great success. I enjoyed trying to reproduce John Martin's work. It's really not my best work, but I tried!
This is work can be best described as very abstract. The work "pandemonium" means wild uproar, chaos, or hell. The idea of this concept was to create a painting that showed power and evil. The elements Martin used was value and shape. I felt like he tried to aim for a dark feeling in this picture. Martin used oil on canvas. Martin was inspired to paint this scene after he made a trip at night and observed through the "Black Country."
Biography & Artist Story

John Martin was born on July 19, 1789 and passed away on February 16, 1854. He lived in Haydon Bridge, near Hexham, Northumberland in England. John was a English Romantic painter, engraver and illustrator. He was best-known as a painter with awesome compositions and religious subjects.
John Martin
This work was planned to use emphasis. What is the first thing you eye draws your attention too in this painting? Martin wants you to see the Houses of Parliament, the lava, and the man.
This work makes me feel a bit curious on what Martin was really think while painting this. The expressive language I would use to describe this would be serious. This painting reminds me of like a scary dream.
Biography & Artist Story
During the late 1700's time was really religious and I feel like that reflected on Martin's painting. John Martin's style contained dramatic landscapes scenes and tiny figures. Martin studied at the Royal Academy from 1811. Also the British Institution, where he won premiums in 1817 and 1821.
Some of John Martin's Artwork
The Great Day of His Wrath

Belshazzar's Feast
The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
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