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Use your business as a tool for change!

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Pabs Castanheda

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Use your business as a tool for change!

I grew up in a privileged family, went to private bilingual schools and graduated from the best Guatemalan University. Everything was given to me.
Didn't care for others, and most definitely for poor people.
I had a cook and a maid.

But God's agenda was different and HE needed to break me down big time.
Using so many events to teach me so many amazing things .
$10.00 Every Day rule!

Finding One's Call to Serve Others
We live in a world where markets, profits and growth are running our mentalities.

Is that really working?

Is that the real machinery that changes things ?
Let me share my story called Kafes Guatemala .
This is what I thought we were!
In Guatemala 65% of the population is in extreme poverty.
Therefore, forget about a good education or health.

So if that is our reality, what the heck am I doing to get involved and change that?
Over the years!
It hit me to realize that all these people are waking up wondering if they are going to have a meal. Let me share the following story of many. Please meet Edison Hernandez's family. Edison can't walk. You will see their actual house and the 1 day process for him to go to therapy! Just to get there it takes them 4 hours!
So how can I use Kafes Guatemala to be a tool for change?
We support a children's hospital in several ways. We have a meal program for all the parents so that they won't worry about eating while their kids are having surgeries.
We provide transportation for several patients, BUT..................
but how can we help to break the poverty cycle ?


You can do so much by giving away money......
So for the past 3 years I joined a program called Milagros. We support girls that have been abused in every possible way, left behind by their family or simply, they were left in the streets.

The program has over 25 girls that when they turn 18, they will have their own business. They make fine jewelry pieces and amazing textile products.

Their Results
In the past 2 years they have sold over $24,000.00
90% of the sales have been exported to the U.S.

Marlen one of the girls, has turned 18 and she is getting her own place and already has her business going .
So how do I help the girls in
this project?

Empowering them
Building their trust
I challenging them
Sharing my biz know how
Simply being there for them!
Using KG's export logistics
We are integrating the efforts of coffee plantations, vicinity schools and medical teams .

Having medical clinics at the
schools is very important.
KG wants to make sure coffee
plantations and owners
get involved one way or another.
Last June we had our first clinical day at one of the schools that is right next to one of the coffee plantations.
88 kids got to be seen. The medical team donated over $300.00 worth of medicine
Believe me, this is just the BEGINNING!!
Thank you very much , and cheers with a great cup of coffee!!!
Kafes Guatemala please!

Hope to see you soon in our coffee adventure!
My personal agenda
wasn't the best one!
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