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No description

Karen Lew

on 25 September 2012

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Quality Problem Statement The recent study from Stanford University concerning the lack of evidence of health benefits from organic foods may cause organic product consumers (such as those that shop at Whole Foods) to be concerned about what they are actually purchasing. Target Audience Sarah Jose Cindy Promotion EVENT (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Timeline Budget: $150,000 PROS CONS Conclusion BIG idea Whole Foods would want to reassure consumers that it is still the place to shop whether or not there is substantial evidence about the health benefits of organic products! because... you're making a difference in the world environment sustainability community more than a grocery store Whole Foods is
Austinite, Caucasian, Age 33
Married with 2 kids
Co Founder of the AppCommunity (donates 10% of the yearly profits to several non-profits organization around the city) “ I make it a point to shop at Whole Foods because I know that I am truly giving back to the community and preserving the world so that my kids and future generations can enjoy and reap its benefits.” San Franciscan, Hispanic, single, age 36
Professional photographer for National Geographic magazine (average salary: $100,000).
Love to volunteering in undeveloped countries “I pay more for organic or free range products because I believe it’s the right thing to do. I want to support the farmers and growers who treat their animals, their crops and mother nature’s land with respect and dignity." New Yorker, Asian, Single, Age 24
Just graduated and is now working at Goldman
Sachs as a market analyst (average salary: $80,000).
Cindy is environmentally conscious and has recently started a recycling program at her office.
Busy lifestyle “If you ask me why I buy organic, I would probably say I buy it because I prefer unpoisoned food and I want to support farms that produce organic food.” Additional Comments Special menu Music local artists local farmers Special menu made with foods from the market Critical Factors Shift focus to Whole Food's other values Not much advertising
(mostly local) Social responsibility Farmer's market Young families Urban and hip Bloggers In store promo ex. banners Social media Promo from the local artists blogs: Edible Aria, Austin Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube Holds true to Whole Food's Relatively inexpensive Utilizes local Measurable Not a straightforward solution external factors Weather conditions
Backup plan: reschedule or change location
There may be a segment of Whole Foods consumers that may change their shopping habits because of the study Demographic Information Young Families & Household with children show elevated penetration of NOFB In-store advertising runs from 14 - 24 Events on Tuesday (25) and Thursday (27) healthy eating tips & coupon program info. Promo Contest Whole Foods cares about giving to the community nominate someone that cares about YOUR local community Ultimately, Whole Foods wants to keep its current consumers. While the report may cause some concerns amongst shoppers and Whole Foods may even lose some customers, Whole Food is so much more than just a grocery store. community culture and core values City #FITC_ATX
#FITC_SF Farmers in the Asian and Hispanic consumers lead in NOFB purchasing Appeals to a wide audience
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