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Managing Internet access

Taking Control of your Home Network

LAP Computer Tech

on 11 October 2017

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Transcript of Managing Internet access

Managing Internet access
Administrative settings
Router Internet
Access Control settings
by time and by content
Cell phones as internet access points
Hardware Involved
Router log on
Logging on to your
Protecting your router settings
setting a router password
Managing Router Access
Linksys router
Cell Phones
as Internet Access Points
Your modem is the
provided by your internet service provider (ISP)
that connects
your DSL/Cable wire (thus
the intenet) to your computer
Image Credit: http://www.creative-computers.com.au/images/wireless-network-setup.jpg
Your rourter is the
that provides ports to
connect multiple devices to the internet
, both hard wired to computers and by
wireless signal
for laptops, tablets and phones.
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Device accessing your network
A review, just for clarification
Your ISP provides you with a service to access the internet through a modem which you then connect to a router to extend accessibility to multiple devices.
Image Credit: http://thecablemodem.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/original.jpg
Image Credit: http://wifimodemrouter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/trendnet.jpg
Many modems now also provide wireless access making a router unnecessary.
You may have both pieces of hardware or just one
depending on the age of your equipment.

Further references regarding settings will use the term Router and Modem interchangeably.
How 'easily' it is done
Tacked on costs
Preventing tethering
If you feel you need more than a word of warning to prevent your child from using their phone as a hotspot, setting up
parental controls
may be your answer.

Belkin router
A few common router links by brand:
To Log on to your router. . .
Open a web browser
In the address bar
type the router IP address
of your router.
This is usually either or

See manufacturers web site for details for your brand of modem/router.


A Login window will appear asking for
username and password
The default user name is usually “admin” or blank and the default password is “password”or blank or a combination of either.
manufacturers web site
for details for your brand of modem/router.

Some devices have log on information printed on the device.
change the default password
for the router otherwise anyone can access your router as you just did, and change your router settings.
Be sure to record the new password somewhere safe and secure
To do this
navigate to the designated settings area
: management, system (settings), security or administration and locate the password change window.
See manufacturers web site for details for your brand of modem/router

Remember this is the
Administrative Password, not
to be confused with
the wireless access password.

your new
complex password
best time to change router settings for a specific device is when it is currently on the network
and you can see it from your router settings page.
If the device does not have a recognizable name
you may only see it by its IP or MAC address.

may need to get on the device itself to confirm its MAC address
. Usually located with the wireless settings, but you can also search the internet for "how to locate MAC address on. . " that type of device.

This presentation can be found under
Technical Help
in the
tab on Black River High School Middle Schools web site home page at
By Device
By Keyword
Combinations of the above
(a.k.a. Physical Address)
; like (but not the same number as) a serial
number, assigned within the hardware of a device
. It is 6 pairs of numbers and letters looking something like this:
Devices are
also assigned an IP address
(4 sets of numbers like this
), but in many cases this
day to day based on when a user connects to your network. This is
not an accurate way to control a specific device
as mentioned in the following "Netgear" video.
D'link router
Netgear router

and you will see the IP Address and
Wi-Fi numbers
listed. The
Wi-Fi number IS your child's Chromebook's MAC address
Now that you can locate the internal assignments for your device we will move on to restrictions
Taking Control of your Home Network
To determine the Physical/MAC address on your child's

click the clock in the lower right corner
of the screen (your child does not need to be logged on to their account for you to proceed)

click on the wireless
"Connected to >"
to show the available wireless network(s)
in the lower right corner
click the (i)
in other words
BEC modem (vtel)
Comcast gateway

Local ISP links
This is the end of the presentation, please feel free to ask questions.

Thank you for coming and good luck
Articles and Resources
PC Magazine reviews on Parental Control APPs http://www.pcmag.com/category2/0,2806,1639158,00.asp
Article: Parental Control APPs for Smartphones http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407509,00.asp
NetSafe.org (Parental Controls on Phones) http://www.netsafe.org.nz/how-can-i-put-parental-controls-on-my-childs-mobile-phone/

find apps that fit your needs, go to your device's APP store and search
for the type of APP that intersts you. Such as: Parental Controls, Time Limit (for those not listed here search for: parental controls for (your model)phones
Article: Parental Controls for Cell Phones - http://www.theonlinemom.com/secondary.asp?id=635

Android Controls
- Search the Google Play store - https://play.google.com/store
On-device controls - restricted profiles - may not be available for android phones without using an APP

BlackBerry Controls
- Search the AppWorld BlackBerry Store http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/product/1/?lang=en&countrycode=US
Article: How to use BlackBerry Parental Controls http://crackberry.com/how-use-blackberry-parental-controls

iPhone controls
- Search the iTunes AppStore (from iTunes on your computer or the AppStore on your device)
Article: How to Set 'Available' Parental Controls on the iPhone - http://www.theonlinemom.com/secondary.asp?id=1526

Windows Phone controls
-Search the Windows App Store http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/featured-apps
Article: How to use Kids Corner (Parental Controls) http://www.7tutorials.com/how-use-kids-corner-parental-controls-windows-phone-8
what you plan to do or use thoroughly before acting; to include
reading multiple reviews
to see
what others have found helpful or frustrating
. And if your child complains about your solution, have them show you how the problem they are having is occurring so you can determine how importatnt what they say they can't do is, compared to what that conrol is providing for your piece of mind.

Apps are OFTEN created by
an unauthorized
third party.
Just because its made for your device doesn't mean the manufacturer has approve it and
may be unreliable
Only the first portion of this video is Cell phone related material 0:00 to 3:15
Now to set the access controls on your router
Some devices have parental controls already on the device.
The purpose of this presentation is to enlighten you to what is possible and provide you with some assistance in finding out how.

Some simplistic explanations will be provided for clarification.

Examples will be provided but you will have to research to determine the process for YOUR devices and situations.

Controlling access times on cell phones
APPs are available to enhance your ability to mange a device. Below you will find resources to further assist you.
This presentation is available online as noted at the completion
(a demonstration video follows)
Internet Access Control Takeaways
Control access to the internet
Through your router by
On the device
with parental controls
denying cell phone tethering
With Apps for the Device
Tethering is using the cellular signal from a cell phone to create a hotspot that provides internet access
Presented by Lisa Patch
BRHSMS Technical Support Specialist
Be aware that
computers may have both
wireless MAC address

Ethernet MAC address
when it is plugged in by an Ethernet cable.

Controlling access on one MAC address will not propagate to both.
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