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Josiah ☮ Ng: More Than a Brother

Writing Presentation

Abigail Ng

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Josiah ☮ Ng: More Than a Brother

Pictures of Proof
A teacher
A Leader
Hardworking Person
Academic Achievements
Josiah Peace Ng:
Sports in general
Speed Stacks
Head of school Award
Led his I Love Math Day group to victory
Hudson County Science Fair
Full Tuition scholarship to Saint Peter's Preparatory School
by Abigail Hope Ng
More Than a Brother
My Brother at a young age
Let's Learn the Alphabet!
My brother sings the Alphabet with evident musical talent.
Sprinkler Time!
My older brother runs his own dance class!
Hudson County Science Fair
Working during Vacation
After winning 1 of the 2 sixth grade gold medals
The Head of School Award
The sixth grade Hudson County Science Fair Gold Medal
The Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp Certificate of Excellence in Robotics
The Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp Elected Mad Scientist
The Office of Naval Research Naval Science Award
We bury my "Gege", big brother in Mandarin, and Naomi does a double back somersault.
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