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Something Wicked This Way Comes

No description

Ryan Klinedinst

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked
This Way Comes Analysis By Ryan Klinedinst, Lili Dutka, Kacey Wood, and John Ohlson Mr. Dark In real life, being evil is bad, and you will be put in jail if you do a hateful thing.
Mr. Dark represents all the bad things in life because he portrays that attitude throughout the book. For example: trickery, murder, destruction, cheating, and deceit.
Ray Bradbury made Mr. Dark an evil character because he wanted to make humanity realize all the bad things that can come from being a person like Mr. Dark. Will and Mr. Halloway On the other side of the matter, being a good person is the way to go. There are many benefits, and one with this attitude can overcome many problems that come up, better than a bad person. The Carousel is awesome is A BOSS does not do anything (tryhard) When someone cheats on something, the result is almost always to their benefit. For example, cheating on a test. If you cheat on a test, you want to get a grade, but you don't know the answers. Cheating is like a life hack, loophole, or shortcut, just to give a few synonyms. And as you probably know, it isn't fair. That's where the carousel comes in. The carousel is the king of all life hacks. If you ride it forwards, you get older. If you ride it backwards, you get younger. The End An example:
Mr Dark is a character that resembles death, trickery, and darkness. He feeds on pain and destruction and wants nothing less. One reason why he resembles all these concepts was when he agonizes people into temptation of things they can't physically have. For an example, Mr. Dark harasses Charles Halloway by telling him he is old and as a result, this brings down his self esteem because he feels old even though he is only fifty-four. Charles is tormented by an urge to be young and run like the boys, William and Jim.
Here is a quote from the book, (Mr. Dark:) "Oh its nice to be young, really. Wouldn't forty be nice again?Forty's ten years nicer than fiftey, and thirty's twenty years nicer by an incredible long shot." Charles Halloway resembles something completely opposite of Mr. Dark: happiness. If you look at it closely the author, Ray Bradbury, is using juxtaposition by comparing the good vs. the evil. In this case, we are comparing Mr. Halloway and Mr. Dark. Some examples include when the trio are at the carnival and Charles Halloway outsmarted Mr. Dark, found his son, killed the Witch, destroyed the Mirror Maze, and saved Jim, all in a matter of minutes. And all this was done through the use of laughter and happiness. Also, on page 274-275 a child comes begging to Mr. Halloway to help him, but Mr. Halloway recognizes the boy as Mr. Dark. He holds the boy tight and kills him with affection, because Mr. Dark cannot survive in such close contact with someone good.
Quote: "He pressed the boy, almost lovingly, close, very close. 'Murder!' wailed the boy. 'Murder!' The Carousel is another important symbol that resembles humanity because it uses age. If it goes forward, the person riding it gets older. If it goes backwards the person will become younger. Charles Halloway and Jim learn that what matters is not the number of years that one has been alive but the feeling that one has, the love for life that one exhibits. If you are young at heart and desire only to run like a younger boy then you may do so, even at age fifty-four. Also the carousel shows that the age cannot be trusted but it is the mental age that is important. The only age that matters is whether the mind is young or old, quick or slow.
Quote: " He seized the pole, bleating out his despair. He wanted, he did not want. He wished, he rejected." The Mirror Maze Throughout the book the mirror maze shows up as somewhat a threat or a tease to people who see through it. An example is when Mrs. Foley looked through the mirror maze and saw herself as younger. Mr. Halloway saw himself as a very old man. Last when Jim looked through it he saw himself older and wiser. This mirror maze somewhat teases these people into thinking they need more and to not be happy with what they have already.
"And between himself and Jim in need of rescue, stood an army of one million sick-mouthed, frost-haired, white-tine-bearded men." The Storm Chapter 1 opens with a lightning-rod salesman declaring that a storm is coming. No storm arrives. Instead of old-fashioned thunder and lightning, we get an evil carnival. The lightning-rod salesman moreover warns that the storm will strike Jim's house rather than Will's, and this is true, in a fashion. Jim is far more susceptible and attracted to the temptations of the dangerous carnival than his friend Will.
The salesman snuffed again at Will's house. "No, no. Oh, a few sparks'll jump on your rains spouts. But the real show's next door here, at the Nightshades'!" Something Wicked This Way Comes considers the various aspects of acceptance. Bradbury suggests that the ability to accept oneself is not simply a trait that people have; it is a quality that people must develop. Charles Halloway is not a happy man, but that is not really all that important. What is important is that at the beginning of the book he does not accept himself. His fifty-four years drag on him, and he is not sure of himself as a father. But at the critical moment in the book, when the Witch is about to stop his heart, he suddenly looks up and realizes that there is no need to be afraid of what he is or is not. Charles Halloway understands that he is simply a man who must go about his life and he finally comprehends that we cannot change what we are—but we can become comfortable with it and go from there.
Quote:" Oh Will don't let them drink from you tears and want more! Will! Don't let them take your crying, turn it upside down and use it for their own smile. Well, you saw the mirrors showing me all the wrinkles. Blackmailed me! But I overpowered it." The storm is another example that consists of humanity because the lightning rod salesman is is somewhat exaggerating what he feels about Jim in general. The salesman is warning Jim that the storm is coming for him because of his temptations to get older. He gives him the lightning rod to keep away the evil spirits but unfortunately the carnival still comes for him.
For example:
"The salesman wheeled about and charged down the walk...muttering, 'yes, bad, here it comes, feel it, way off now, but running fast." When the lightning rod salesman says there is a a storm in chapter one, he doesn't mean it literally. Instead, a freak show comes to town to wreak havoc on the people. The Mirror Maze symbolizes temptations to be better as an individual. Whether it is being smarter, faster, skinnier, stronger, etc.
Ray Bradbury put the Mirror Maze into the book because he wanted to show humanity that we should be happy with who we are in life, and not try to change things about us. The major evil character in the book, Mr. Dark is the Illustrated Man. He is covered in tattoos and each tattoo allows him to exert some power over the figure that is represented. He feeds on pain and destruction and wants nothing less. He is tremendously strong and intimidates people, inspiring fear when he wishes to. The freaks at the carnival are completely within his power, and he uses both manipulation and force to bend people to his will. Mr. Dark is a symbol of humanity because he represents all the evil in the world such as dishonesty, violence, rudeness...
Example: "The arm was like a cobra weaving, bobbing, swaying to strike. Mr. Dark clenched his fist, wriggled his fingers. The muscles danced. Works Cited: Will is Jim's best friend, who does a lot of thinking and favors for action. But as the story unfolds Will finds that, much like Charles Halloway, he is capable of quick and decisive action. He saves Jim several times and saves his father another time. Although he is only a thirteen year old boy, he is certain of his knowledge and believes that he is doing the right thing. Will cares deeply about doing what is right, unlike Jim, he favors inaction when the alternative is harmful or destructive. Will is selfless, and he runs tremendous risks to save Jim even when Jim himself does not want to be saved.
Quote: " Suddenly Will grabbed Jim and held him tight and wept. ' Oh Jim, We saved you! Oh, Jim, Jim, We'll be pals forever!'" The carousal also represents a conflict between accepting your natural fate or becoming younger at the cost of becoming a circus freak. The circus is evil precisely because it is made up of people who have violated their fates and are condemned to an unnatural existence. Bradbury is saying that we should be happy with where we are in life, and not try to change our circumstances.
Quote: "Unconnected fools, that's the harvest the carnival comes smiling after with its threshing machine."
This quote shows how the carnival fools are somewhat "harvested" or they are picked to be in the carnival because it is a punishment/cost to being drawn to their temptations. National Theatre of Scotland, np. Something Wicked this Way Comes. Scotland. The End Example:
"'Miss Foley,' he said, 'what did she look like?' Miss Foley's voice was pale but calm. 'The fact is...she looked like myself, many, many, many years ago."

When Miss Foley went into the mirror maze, she saw herself many many years before that point. She then wanted to look like that again. Medium. 2012 The Carousel Picture: Quote:
"Somewhere, a storm like a great beast with terrible teeth could not be denied."

This specific part in the book explains how the lightning rod salesman is describing the storm/carnival. He describes how it will be disastrous. He also compares it to a great beast. This relates to humanity because in life you may be warned of great dangers, but you have to be ready for them in the future. Quote: "'Come out!' Mr. Dark purred the air through his teeth. 'I guarantee rewards! Whoever turns himself in wins it all!

Explanation: As we said before Mr. Dark represents trickery and darkness. this quote resembles these because he is tricking the boys into thinking that there is a reward for turning themselves in. But the only reward was changing their fate and becoming part of the carnival. Quote: "Never can tell-" Will could not keep his eyes off the millions of miles of blind glass-what might be swimming around in there..."'

Explanation: Another way the mirror maze resembles humanity is because you can never know how you may be tempted. For example when Will discusses about the mirror maze he describes all the different thoughts that are "swimming" in there. As in real life you never know how you are going to be tempted and you have to be ready for the challenges. Quote: " Will seized Jim's arm tight and dared to leap from so much promise, so many fine tall growing years, flail out, off, down, pull Jim with. But Jim could not let go the pole, could not give up the ride."

This quote resembles humanity because it represents the temptations of the carousel and how it drives people into thinking they want more than what they have. For example Jim wanted to be older, stronger, and wiser. The carousel pulls people away by messing with what people want and what people need. The Clown picture: "Scary Clown With Red Hair." Dievantart. n.d. jpeg The Ringleader Picture: "English1." n.p. 2001. jpeg.
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