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Hi guys, obviously the numbers of subscribers will constantly grow, this version is not updated. I'm sorry, highschool is busy!!! >.< however Pewdiepie(love him!) is the most subscribed channel right now with around 13 billion bros. I'll update ASAP!

Cathy Wang

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Youtube

where you really can find anything....
Here is a brief note of what we will be looking at today:
YouTube's History
The Most Viewed Video
The First Video
Top 5 Most Subscribed Channels, and What They Post
The Most Viewed YouTube Video
Gangnam style is a K-pop song, by Psy, a Korean musician. It's the first video to reach 1 billion views.
The First YouTube Video
Me at the Zoo
The first video was called "Me at the Zoo." It was posted by Jawed Karim on April 23, 2005.
It got +82,866 likes & +11,249,647 views
#1. Smosh
Famous People....because of YouTube
Brief History
Youtube’s domain name “youtube.com” was launched on February 14, 2005, and ever since, it was one of the fastest developing websites on the Internet. In July 2006 , more than 65 millions of videos were uploaded along with 100 million + views each day. (on average)
Brief History,
The average of people visiting per month was around 20 million. Based on the Nielsen/NetRating, 44% of the people who go on YouTube were female and 56% was male. The main age group was 12-17 year olds.
On October 9th, 2006, Youtube was bought by Google for $1.65 million (U.S)
Brief History
Youtube was founded by three people who used to work for Paypals; Jawed Karim (age 33), Steve Chen (age 34) and Chad Hurley (age 35.)

Other Major/Well Known YouTube Channels
other channels: IanH, askcharlie, AnthonyPadilla, ElSmosh, ShutUpCartoons, SmoshGames
Smosh started posting videos in November, 2005, they have recently reached +10 million subscribers, and gaining more everyday.
What Do They Post?
Smosh's videos are usually all for entertainment. They have certain categories such as Pokemon, Music Videos and How To Videos. Other videos are just random ideas.
-+10,464,030 subscribers
What Does She Post?
Jenna Marbles post videos for entertainment. Her videos involve things like how girls vs guys do things, makeup videos & her personal"explanations" on many things. (ie. what Disney taught me)
#3. Ray Williams Johnson
What He Posts
-+9,180,582 subscribers
Ray William Johnson started to post videos in April 2009.
He also posts videos for entertaining, like many other channels. His videos talk about other videos, well basically he makes fun of them.
#4. Nigahiga
-+8,744,127 subscribers
His real name is Ryan, and he started posting videos on YouTube in July, 2007
What He Posts
Ryan's videos are also for entertaining purposes, but he includes a bit of "life lessons" in many of his videos.
#5. RihannaVEVO
-+8,655,318 subscribers
Rihanna is a well known celebrity, her YouTube channel started posting videos in October 2009.
What She Posts
Her videos are dedicated to her music, whether it's a music video or live recordings.
#2. Jenna Marbles
-+9,332,381 subscribers
Jawed Karim
Steve Chen
Chad Hurley
Jenna Marbles started posting YouTube videos in February 2010
Other Major/Well Known YouTube Channels
Shane Dawson TV
Famous People Because of YouTube!
Interesting Facts
David After The Dentist
David is a 7 year old boy who was taken to the dentist to get an extra teeth removed.
Charlie Bit Me!
This cute little boy may be the best brother yet!
Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance is an american pop rock singer , songwriter and pianist. He became well know when Ellen DeGeneres saw his videos and invited him to perform at her show.
Cody Simpson
Cody Simpson is an Australian pop singer, signed by the Atlantic Records since 2009.
Justin Bieber
Everyone knows Justin, some hates, some are total fan girls. He's a Canadian pop singer, songwriter and actor. He was signed by the RBMG ever since 2008.
Interesting Facts!
roughly 72 hours of videos are uploaded every minute
It was estimated that Youtube took up the same amount of bandwidth in 2007 that the Internet did in 2000
around 4 billion hours of videos are watched each month
Youtube is open to 53 countries and in 61 languages
In 2011, they found out that there were more than 1 trillion views, or basically around 140 views for each person on Earth
there are more than a million youtubers (people who make videos) over 30 countries who make money from their youtube videos
25% of all the global views of Youtube comes from mobile devices
If Youtube was a Hollywood Film Company, there would be around 60 000 new films every week based on the materials that are uploaded.
So I hope you all learned something that you didn't know.
Thanks for watching!
Would You Have Used This Website?
That was YouTube's web page in 2005.
YouTube now.....
Full transcript