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"The Feather Pillow"

No description

Francis Garza

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of "The Feather Pillow"

Jordan and Alicia's palace like house
Figurative Language:
In the "Feather Pillow" Horatio Quiroga uses personification by saying "Alicia's life was fading away in the subdillirium of anemia, a delirium which grew worse throughout the evening hours..."
The theme is live life to the fullest and not all dangerous things can be seen or heard.
"The Feather Pillow"
by: Horatio Quiroga

Eccentric:Strange; odd; different.

The pillow is the symbol because inside it was monstrous animal that sucked all Alicia's blood out of her.The puncture was scarcely perceptible.
Because soon after Alicia and Jordan get married, Alicia starts getting sick and acting different. Her death was in a odd way since the doctors didn't even know what was wrong with her. "...in the bottom of the pillow case,among the feathers, slowly moving its hairy legs, was a monstrous animal, a living, viscous ball." Who would think such a animal could live in feathered pillows.
In the story The Feather Pillow Jordan and Alicia had just had their honeymoon and was now living in their new palace like home. Each evening she would wait for her husband to get home from work, he noticed that she had grew thin and had a light attack of influenza. After a few days she began to have hallucinations,and vague images. Soon after that she died. The servant found blood stains on Alicia's pillow. The servant held the pillow up to the light but dropped it immediately; it was heavy. Jordan ripped open the case and feathers floated away now showing its slowly moving hairy legs; a monstrous animal.
"All things must change" - The Beatles
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