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Copy of A Dream Deferred Lesson Plan

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L'Retta Wooldridge

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of A Dream Deferred Lesson Plan

A Dream Deferred
by, Langston Hughes
Warm Up
Read the following excerpt
What is the message of this
excerpt? (write down your answer on your whiteboard. In poetry, the repeated words help guide you towards the theme.)

Remember: Theme is the overall message, or
lesson learned from a piece of writing.

It's universal, meaning you can apply it to
your life or anyone's life for multiple situations.

Now let's look at the commercial. See how
your theme relates to the boy in this commercial.
What do you think the message of this excerpt is now?
Adjust your theme on your whiteboards.

The boy in this commercial acts as our imagery/figurative language to help lead us to our theme.

Share out- What do you think the overall message is
from this Nike commercial. It's more than just "Find your Greatness."
It’s just something we made up.
Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is a gift,
Reserved for a chosen few;
For prodigies
For superstars
And the rest of us can only standby, watching.

You can forget that.

Greatness is not some rare DNA strand
It’s not some precious thing
Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing
We’re all capable of it.
All of us.

Find your greatness
Open your folders and take out the Poetry Foldable
and the poem- "A Dream Deferred"

Step 1- Listen and follow along with the following video
Step 2- Listen and think about the highlighting basics- Simile, Metaphor, etc.
Step 3- Highlight poetry terms with your partner.

While you highlight, I'm going to Pass out chart for today's activity. :-)
Discuss the imagery the similes created.

Now, let's go through the parts of the chart.

Guided Annotation- Similar to Friday's activity.

Poetry Analysis- Figurative Language, Word Choice, Connotation, Analysis.

I do- I'll do the first one for you
We do- We'll do the next one together as a class
You both do- Work on the chart with your partner
You do- You need to write a theme and summary on your own.
How does this video represent the theme of A Dream Deferred? Write your answer on the whiteboard and leave the whiteboard on the table.
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