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Day 3 -3/5 - We Give Back

No description

Macy Parker

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Day 3 -3/5 - We Give Back

Agenda for Today
I. Do Now
II. Congratulations Letters and Cards to GSA
III. Presenting our Grant
IV. Preparing for a Site Visit
V. Reviewing Expectations for Site Visit
VI. Closing

Philanthropy Apprenticeship Class Three
Making Congratulations Cards

Explain WHY the organization received the grant, and give specific reasons to support your answer.

Preparing for our
Site Visit

Expectations for our Site Visit.




We Give Back - Week 2!
Welcome Back! We are glad you are here.

Please find your seat silently and complete your do now.

When you have finished, raise your hand so Ms. Parker and Ms. Archer can check your work.
Based on what you know so far, would you recommend to a friend that they consider the job of a foundation program officer? Why or why not?
How can I be a successful program officer in this class?
What does this look like or not look like?
Preparing for Upcoming Weeks
Let's congratulate our first Grantee!
You must move back to your assigned seat.

You may talk at a level 2 while you work on your poster.

Your poster should say WHY this organization is getting the grant.
Listen to your peers share out and take notes.

Think about which organization you think should get the $500 grant, and write down your reasons.
Great Job Today!
Give yourself a review for the day and answer the reflection questions.

Give someone else a Shout Out.
This semester, our class will give out two grants. One will be $500 and one will be $1500.

Today, we will celebrate the announcement of our first grant!

Then, we will learn about one of the organizations we will consider for the larger grant.

Shout Outs from last week!

for being engaged and participating in the game.

Kyara, Keyanna, and Michelle
for being engaged and showing teamwork during the game.

for being engaged in whole class discussion.

Kassandra, Chauncey, and Michelle
for respect during group work.

As we watch the video, think about what you will want to learn about the food bank when we visit.

For example, you might use the following sentence starters:

o Our class was impressed that the GSA plans to…

o We thought a strong part of your proposal was…

o One way that your work will make a difference to the whole school is…

o Later this year, we would like to come back to check in on how.............is going.
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