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[Agile Quality Techniques] Writing kick-ass User Stories I - Introduction

Writing kick-ass user stories is part of a quality workshop series hold at the zanox headquarter in Berlin in january

Martina Willig

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of [Agile Quality Techniques] Writing kick-ass User Stories I - Introduction

? Despite of a working Scrum Process,
good Developers and Product Owners,
the implementation missed the goal. Why possible reasons wrong technology insufficient time misleading requirements Could we improve the implementation if we had good user stories? User stories are the most valuable mean of information
between the client
the PO
the developer Story content estimation constraints description acceptance criteria examples insufficiently tested If the story would have been a good one,
the why's shouldn't have been the reason What are user stories? How do they address the problem? Why user stories? Stories address the requirements challenge
because understanding the requirements is a
communication problem. We need to balance
the power of business
the resource allocation
the time management We make decisions based on mutual information
Decision is made iteratively across the project Situation Problem Solution 3C's Story Card
may be annotated
minimal information
based on use cases Conversions
provide details and requirements
PO talks to client
devs talk to PO Confirmation
confirm the story and it's requirements
acceptance tests Story Card content Example Write about user stories How to elaborate the subject?
Which form should be used (essay, article..)? The form must be an essay.
The essay must include...
The essay must have at least 20 pages and does not exceed 40 pages. write less, talk more Purpose of the story:
Text is less important than conversations! YES is a pointer to words are imprecise everybody understands stories stories are organized encourage iterative development everybody is involved have the right size for planning focus on user's goal and not the system's attributes How to write stories? Different techniques As a (role) I want (something) so that (benefit). contraints use cases vs. formal description short description acceptance criteria and examples Do frequent story writing workshops
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