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GMS Faculty Meeting


Courtney Mompoint

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of GMS Faculty Meeting

Journey to the Top: A Complete Puzzle Can Make a Beautiful Picture
What are the Pieces in Gildersleeve's Puzzle?
Use of Daily Learning Targets
Students Engaged in Meaningful Dialogue
Standards of Effective Teaching
Strong Student Interventions and Supports
Advanced Instructional Teams
Consistent Reinforcement of The Gildersleeve Way (PBIS)

What is Instructional Team Advancement?
A commitment from every team member to purposefully, consistently, and intently engage in practices and dialogue that will strengthen the work of the team, which will in turn, lead to increased student achievement.
Instructional Teams Include:
Administrative Team
Lead Team
Department Team
Content Team
Grade Level Team
How Do the Pieces Fit Together? Why All of the This?
All pieces lead to increased student achievement
All pieces are researched based and proven effective
Doing what we've always done doesn't always get us where we want to go!
We Want to Be on TOP!
Instructional Strategies
Common Assessments
Reflection on Data and Student Work
The Cycle of Work for Content Teams
Where are we in the curriculum?
What's next?
What does the FRAMEWORK tell us students need to
How deeply do they need to know it?
How will we teach this unit or skill?
What resources are available?
Do we need to create a new assessment or revise an existing one?
What is our test window?
How will we gather data?
What does the FRAMEWORK tell us students need to know? How deeply do they need to know it?
How did our students perform on our most recent assessment?
What will we do about our students' most recent performance?
Content Team Meeting Structure
SMART Goal Setting
Every team member always working towards the SMART Goal
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented, Time Bound
Today, we'll look at Instructional Team Advancement
Is Your Team Advanced?
Is every team member purposefully, consistently, and intently engaged in practices and dialogue that will strengthen the work of the team, which will in turn, lead to increased student achievement?
Do you regularly say or hear, "This isn't how we did it before" or "We don't need to talk about this stuff. We already know what we need to do"?
Same Teachers
Same Kids
One Common Goal
According to Research...
Great teams sit together, not in opposite areas of the room
Teams that focus on kids, curriculum, and professional development increase student achievement, lower student referrals, and improve school climate
Teaming is hard, and dealing with adults is not easy
Eating makes a meeting. When things get rough, bring in chocolate or brownies :-)
In Advanced Grade Level Teams...
All team members know what other team members are planning
Teams make connections in curriculum, instruction, and the calendar
Members look for places where curriculum can be aligned - where one concept or skill can be strengthened across all disciplines
Effective teaming WILL lead to increased student achievement!

Improving schools requires collaborative cultures...without collaborative skills and relationships, it is not possible to learn and to continue to learn as much as you need to know to improve.

---Michael Fullan

Advantages of teachers working in collaborative teams:
Gains in student achievement
Higher quality solutions to problems
Increased confidence among all staff
Teachers able to support one another’s strengths and accommodate weaknesses
Ability to test new ideas
More support for new teachers
Expanded pool of ideas, materials, methods

---Judith Warren Little

It's Smarter to Work Together!
Advanced Instructional Teaming is a piece of our puzzle because it leads to increased
academic achievement!

Strong Student Supports and Interventions
Standards of Effective Teaching
Students Engaged in Meaningful Dialogue
Use of Daily Learning Targets
Consistent Reinforcement of The Gildersleeve Way

Effective implementation of all the above will lead us to the TOP!
Watch this short clip!
Please complete the 1st Marking Period Survey by Friday, November 8.
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