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The Open Door Policy and The Boxer Rebellion

by Marsela Sulku

Marsela Sulku

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of The Open Door Policy and The Boxer Rebellion

The Open Door Policy 1899 --------------- John Hay

came up
with a brilliant idea. Equal access to the Chinese market for all major nations! The Open Door policy was a and a thing for worldwide reputation. Effects of the
Open Door Policy China was no longer worried about other powers trying to dominate it's market. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Boxer Rebellion A was a member of the Society of Harmonious Fists. boxer Boxers couldn't stand the foreign takeover of China.... So they did what everyone did back in the days; they formed a group and killed . innocent people The response to the killings was The response to the killings was.... In 1900, Beijing was attaked by an
army made up of 20,000 This left the imperial goverment . weaker than ever The End Before After Chinese Christians
Christian Missionaries Foreign Missionaries
& Businessmen German consul Boxers The Innocent AFTERMATH Come in!
It's open. Troops
a lot of
for putting
a to the
Rebellion. The Chinese
was forced
to give them
the money. = Chinese Market Chinese Market Open Open If any country wanted to get involved with China's economy, they needed to have an Open Door policy. Reduced imperialist frenzy over access to the Chinese Market System of Spheres was still
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