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Project II Progress Report Presentation

MGMT 330.

Priscilla Chi

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Project II Progress Report Presentation

Team: Humongous Melonheads
Project Completion
Completion based on revised milestones: 90%
Overall completion: 40%
Interviewed Capital One Employees
Secondary articles examples: The Effects of Layoffs on a Business, Five Strategies for Managing After Layoffs
Milestones Achieved
Scope of project refined
Initial milestones outdated/irrelevant
New milestones more beneficial to overall focus
Answered specific questions
Enabled us to move forward more effectively
Old milestones that remained primarily Tim and Priscilla
Deviations: difficulty contacting/meeting with interviewees
Other possible deviations from remaining milestones
Conflicts in our schedules
Looming presence of Project 1
Problem: Initial subject matter was too broad
Solution: We narrowed our scope to three crucial questions
Challenges Faced
1. Scheduling Conflicts
2. Limited Availability of Public Information
3. Controversial Subject Matter
4. Project I and Project II (overlap)
5. Group vs. Team work
Tim Chang, Priscilla Chi, John Failla, Skylar Gray, David Leith
Information Gathered
[Secondary Research Links]
- allowed for us to make focused follow up interview questions and narrow down our search for secondary sources
1. What factors are taken into consideration when making large layoffs?
2. How do these frequent layoffs affect team , team norms, company culture?
3. What actions does Capital One take to make sure teams are still focused and determined to perform following these layoffs?
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