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Cashton Educational Technology Workshop - Alternative Assessments for the Struggling Student

No description

Caleb Hundt

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Cashton Educational Technology Workshop - Alternative Assessments for the Struggling Student

Cashton Educational Technology Workshop Take Animoto with them! The BEST way to alternatively tell
a story is to make it into a comic! Geography Assignment History Project Express yourself creativley
and tie in personal connections A neat way to incorporate rich multimedia into a personal video Text Feature Project Text Feature Project Sucide Prevention Week Introduction From Teacher
"New World"
Project Record All Your Tests as Music Files! Download Audacity and the Corresponding
MP3 Encoder Record the Test as MP3 Music Files Transfer the Music
Files to your Devices https://sites.google.com/a/cashton.k12.wi.us/mrhundt/ties-2011 Visit the URL below to Download the Lame Encoder for Audacity! Capture a story by uploading videos, music,
and images using an interactive timeline! Turn your boring old powerpoints into an interactive zooming prezi! Skeleton Creek Projects Skeleton Creek Projects http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Lame_Installation Click below to see the "Lame" audacity Wiki Book Review The Cask
of Amontillado The Pit and
The Pendulum Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde The Pit and
The Pendulum The Raven The Boston Massacre Record All Your Tests as Movie Files! + + + + Explain Everything + Google Site Put the assessment into
a district dropbox account Upload and record the
assessment onto the
"Explain Everything" application Upload your assessment
onto youtube Insert your
onto your
Google Site or Wiki Another "Lame" Youtube
Downloading Tutorial Copy and Paste the
folder you create onto a
flash drive, and then import
it into your itunes account
library. Then sync your
music files to your devices.
We do this with a "Bretford
syncing "ipod" cart. = Youtube Assessment http://todaysmeet.com/Alternative_Assessments_Cashton @hundtcaleb BACK CHANNEL Twitter Questions Alternative Assessments
for the Struggling Student Script FORMS http://goo.gl/LvQLZ Google Site
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