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Romans Chapter 2

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Pastor Chris Cahill

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Romans Chapter 2

Saint Paul's Letter to the Italians
Romans, Chapter 2
Sunday, June 5, 2016
Thanks for watching
Works you did out of love of gain
Works you did out of fear of punisment
Outwardly you keep the law with works out of fear of punishment or love of gain.
Likewise you do everything without free desire and love of the law; you act out of aversion and force. You'd rather act otherwise if the law didn't exist.
That's the way with hypocrites: they think that they are pure but are actually full of greed, hate, pride and all sorts of filth (cf. Matthew 23).
Everyone who wants to live virtuously by nature or by free will is no better than a public sinner. Paul says they are hard of heart and unrepentant.
How do you feel about this, so far?
Let's talk about some things that God does for us every day to show us His kindness, His tolerance, and His patience (verse 4)
Some evildoers; some good people
Some good people; some evildoers
Some evildoers; some good people
Some good people; some evildoers
What do you think? On whom will God's wrath be poured out on the day of judgment? (verse 5)
What Martin Luther said about Romans 2
It follows, then, that you, in the depths of your heart, are an enemy of the law. What do you mean, therefore, by teaching another not to steal, when you, in the depths of your heart, are a thief and would be one outwardly too, if you dared. (verse 23)
All those who appear outwardly pious or who sin secretly . . . are all hypocrites still, who live virtuous lives but without eagerness and love; in their heart they are enemies of God's law and like to judge other people.
is about giving us "all that we need to support this body and life" (Luther's Small Catechism)
is about giving us lots of room to sin so that we have lots of time to repent (verse 29)
is about waking us up to a day of mercy and not to Judgment Day every morning
They despise God's goodness and, by their hardness of heart, heap wrath upon themselves.
What do you think?
On whom has God's righteousness been poured out already? (verse 29)
By whom has He poured out His righteousness? (verse 29)
Where did His righteousness come from in the first place? (chapter 3:25)
(in italics)
For instance . . .
For instance . . .
Here's a breakdown of good people vs. evildoers across the world
I thought you might feel that way . . .
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