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By: Simon Elharrar, Michal Paniry, Bram Osman, and Mark Hanz

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Michal Paniry

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of By: Simon Elharrar, Michal Paniry, Bram Osman, and Mark Hanz

1. Name three people and their key roles in the expansion of the United States.

2. What was "Bleeding Kansas?"

3. What does "manifest destiny" mean and how did it affect U.S. expansion?

4. Who provoked the Mexican War?

New Territory
1. Purchase of Louisiana Territory-
--> Doubled U.S.'s size.
--> “Those who labor in the earth,” “are the chosen people of God.”
2. Lewis and Clark
--> brought back notes and drawings that assured that the Louisiana Purchase was a good buy.
3. Missouri/ Missouri Compromise
--> congressional debates centered around the issue of Missouri entering into the union as a slave or free state
4. Mexican War
-->United States took possession of California and New Mexico.

Important Events:
1. 1820- Missouri Compromise
--> Maintained sectional balance in congress by counting Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state and by drawing a line that separated future slave and free states.
2. 1837- Independence from Mexico
--> Settlers in Texas joined with their Tejano neighbors and gained independence.
3. 1845- Creation of term "Manifest Destiny"
--> Americans had to “overspread and to possess the whole of the [land] which Providence has given us,”
4. 1844- James Polk Elected to Presidency
-->Texas joined the union as a slave state in February 1846.

More Important Events:
5. June 1846- Polk Declares War Against Mexico
-->Northerners objected to what they saw as a war to expand the “slaveocracy.”
6. 1846- David Wilmot declared that slavery should not be permitted
-->Measure failed to pass
7. 1846-
Polk accepted a
compromise treaty
that split the Oregon country between the United States and Britain.
8. 1854- Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas
proposed that Kansas and Nebraska be established in the Louisiana Purchase.
--> Came up with “
popular sovereignty
”: letting the settlers of the territories decide for themselves whether their states would be slave or free.
9. May 28, 1830- Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law.
--> This authorizing the president to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders.

Major People:
1. Thomas Jefferson
--> Louisiana Purchase
2. Lewis and Clark
--> surveying of the land
3. John O'Sullivan
--> coined term "manifest destiny"
4. James K. Polk
--> declared war against Mexico
5. Senator Stephen A. Douglas
-->"popular sovereignty"
6. Andrew Jackson
-->Indian Removal Act
-->Tail of Tears
7. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
--> intensified conflicts

United States Expanision
By: Simon Elharrar, Michal Paniry, Bram Osman, and Mark Hanz
Reasoning Behind Land Accumulation
1. Manifest Destiny:
--> The belief that United states had the right, duty, and were destined to expand from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

causes & effects
of expansion
Thomas Jefferson
James K. Polk
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