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Know More About ME

Aishwarya Angre

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of ResuME

am I !! Everday when I stand in front of the mirror and ask this question to myself.
‘Who am I ?’
Apart from being an ambitious girl| a daughter | an elder sister| a media student,
‘Who am I? ‘,‘What I want to be and What can I be in my life?’
Now I have found the answer. I am a ‘Storyteller’.
Yes ‘A storyteller’!!
I make stories. I cook stories. I sell stories and people buy them.
Yes they do and they like it too.
It means I am good at it and so I have decided to continue to be one.
So basically I am a STORYTELLER!!
and want to be a STORYSELLER!! Communication in –
Knowledge of –
•Microsoft office
•Corel Draw
•Adobe Indesign
•Adobe Photoshop
•Adobe Flash An
Actress PR
Manager A
Dancer A Teacher A News Reporter An Airhostess (cc) image by jantik on Flickr A Human Resource
Manager - Currently Pursuing
•FYBMM 2010-11- First Class
•HSC February 2010 -83%
•SSC March 2008 - 82.15% Formal •BMMBox.com- Unpaid Internship-Content Writer
–January 20th,2012

•Network18- Listen Section- Artist Radio and other – FreeLancer
–May 20th, 2011- August 31st,2011

•Mtv- Crunch – Live Blogger and Monitoring the Live Feed
– April 11th, 2011- May 15th, 2011
http://crunch.in.com/#show Want to see how I tell my Stories? S.W. A
coordinator Timeline I Exist Here. Aishwarya Angre.
5/6 Sahakar Nagar, Nigaon Cross Road,
Wadala (W), Mumbai- 400031.
aishwarya.angre12@gmail.com Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/aishwarya.angre
Twitter - https://twitter.com/
Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/stream-
StumbleUpon - http://www.stumbleupon.com/home Who Education support my storytelling Skills In K.G In std. 3rd In std. 6th In std. 7th In std.9th In FYBMM In FYBMM In FYBMM Objectives 18th January 2012 • Observant –
I observe a lot. I like studying different people and observing and remembering minute details of them which even they wouldn’t remember.
• Listener –
I am a very good listener and blessed with a reliable photographic memory. I love to flaunt it too.
• Imagination-
Fertile and wild imagination Strengths Weaknesses • I can not take criticism.
I don’t like when anybody criticize me.Fear of getting criticized makes me work harder and give my best.
• I Always Compete with myself and others.
I truly believe ‘Competition makes a man perfect’ because competition motivates me always.
• I can not say NO.
I feel need to support my "No" with lots of reasons to make sure that I am not offending the other person. I don’t believe in hard work. I rather believe in Smart Work. I like when my folks feel proud of me.
So I want to utilize all my skills and strengths in the field of 'Strategic Marketing’.
I want to be an asset to the company
which my company would love to flaunt
and I will be one. Strategic
Marketing Now and Here on •SYBMM
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