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Kya M

No description

Manor Prep

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Kya M

Crazy Monsters and Clever Greeks
Kya Marston
3 Greek Myths
that tell us how clever the Greeks were!

The Hydra and Hercules
Hercules had the idea to use fire to burn the stump and stop more heads growing. One by one he cut off the heads and sealed the stump until the very last one. Then he was victorious
Athena found out that her husband, Poseidon had cheated on her with Medusa, so she punished her
Medusa and Perseus
Medusa fled to Africa and wherever she went snakes dropped from her head. This is why there are so many snakes in Africa. If anybody looked her in the eye they would instantly turn to stone
Perseus Had an idea. He needed to see Medusa but he could not risk looking directly in her eyes. So he polished his shield and used it as a mirror to see her reflection. This way her way able to defeat her and take her head off
The Cyclops and Odysseus
Trapped by Polyphemus
Odysseus gets the giant drunk and the with the help of his friend he puts his eye out
They all sneak out by hiding under his sheep
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