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Content Marketing

No description

Eva Ondrackova

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Content Marketing

Content of the presentation usual advertisement We don't care shut off the traditional world of marketing What exactly is
Content Marketing? interesting & entertaining skip television advertising ignore magazine advertising no care for banners or buttons Make a person stop - read - think - behave… DIFFERENTLY. don’t even realise it’s an advertisement pleasant way brings to the product no direct definition the art of communicating non-interruption Make your buyer more intelligent. Will It Blend? -Cola
Creating Emotional ConnectionsCoca content strategy 2020 cooperating with Google "I'd like to buy world a Coke" buy and send one can of Coke to anyone all around the world What should companies do? add a message watch can’s journey reciever get Coke for free send a feedback to the donor Google Maps & Street View Red Bull
Extreme World marketing around and about the product never directly correlated to the drink itself extreme sports and action champion of the extreme Red Bull skateboarding team article about Tegan and Sara’s NARS
Pop Art special application on FB create profile picture & cover photo Andy Warhol notification in friend’s news feed 823 000 views Summary Do you have any questions? THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION no direct definition the art of communicating Coca-Cola Red Bull NARS interesting & entertaining Sources http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/what-is-content-marketing/ http://www.marketo.com/infographics/content-marketing-vs-traditional-advertising/ http://www.lukaspitra.cz/wp-content/uploads/Content_Marketing_Explosion1.jpg http://www.m-journal.cz/cs/marketing/kreativni-inspirace:-plechovka-coca-coly-pro-cely-svet__s277x9337.html http://mashable.com/2012/12/19/red-bull-content-marketing/ http://www.brafton.com/news/a-genius-content-strategy-gives-red-bulls-marketing-wings http://www.m-journal.cz/cs/aktuality/jak-prilakat-pozornost-na-facebooku-a-pritom-nerozdavat-darky-a-slevove-kupony__s288x9660.html Custom Publishing Content Marketing Eva Ondráčková What is exactly Content Marketing? Will It Blend? numbers & figures Coca-Cola Red Bull NARS
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