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Student Life

No description

Kristin Gebhart

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Student Life

Student Life
Nursing Learning Community
Involvement Fair
Life as a Pre-Nursing Student
Pre-nursing learning community
First- Year Advisory Board (FAB)
Annual Involvement Fair
Detailed description of application to major
Nursing 1100 (Survey)
Introduction to OSU, Nursing, and life as a college student
College of Nursing Alumni Society
Allows you to stay connected with fellow alumni
Provides social and service opportunities after graduation
Student Organizations
Day Two of Pre-Nursing Orientation
Buckeye Assembly for Men in Nursing (BAMN)
Alpha Tau Delta
Buckeye Student Nurses Association (BSNA)
College of Nursing Programming Activities Committee (CONPAC)
College of Nursing Learning Community
Nursing Students Promoting Initiatives to reinforce Equality (NSPIRE)
Nursing Student Council
Nurses of Character
Psychiatric Nursing Student Association
Student Diversity Committee
Student Ambassadors
Service and Study Abroad Opportunities
Nursing Study Abroad to:

“The study abroad program prepared me to better care for a diverse patient population while delivering patient centered care. I gained an understanding that patients view healthcare very differently based on their cultural background, and I now feel better prepared to care for these patients.”
—Tessie Kernell
“Studying abroad in Nicaragua was one of the best decisions I have made in my academic career at Ohio State. I got to assist with direct patient care, interact with healthcare professionals who spoke Spanish, and learn all about the circumstances
underdeveloped countries face. It’s an experience the classroom setting can’t provide!”
—Leslie Schmidt
Course taken in Spring semester at Ohio State
Travel is during Spring break
Service-learning and hands-on nursing experiences
Course taken in Spring semester at Ohio State
Travel is during Spring Break
Service-learning focused experiences
Course taken in Spring semester at Ohio State
Travel is during Spring Break
Service-learning focused experiences
Life as a Nursing Student and Alumnus
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