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iPad Integration

No description

Nicholas Combs

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of iPad Integration

iPad Integration:

Planning with a Purpose
A Teachable Tool
How can it be integrated?
Practical Presentations
Mentionable Management
Classroom Timer
Questions & Resources
Contact Information:
Skill development
King of Math
Nicholas Combs

Misconceptions when integrating technology:
Use it for every lesson
Should replace pen and paper
time filler for class

Preparation is the PRIORITY:

Review standards & objectives
Lesson lead integration vs. flipped classroom
Apps can allow for differentiation
iPads provide students with the opportunity for concept development.
When integrating this technology, realize that reflection is important for developing an enriched Twenty First Century Classroom Environment.
Understand that iPad technology, like all technology, may have issues and complications at times. Always have a back up plan when working with technology.
Whole Group Instruction
Small Group Instruction
Independent Instruction
Independent Practice
Creating and Producing
Researching Information
Reading, Speech, Writing Development
Language Development
Emailing and Networking
Behavior Management Tool
Collecting Data
Presentation Tool
Painting and Drawing
Formative Assessments
Scanning QR Codes
Student Accountability
Flashcard Practice
Sharing information and class work
Test Remediation Video Support
The Essentials for
Elementary Education

Too Noisy Pro
Class Dojo
Slide Shark
Popplet lite
Inspiration maps
Random number
QR Codes
This app helps students stay motivated.
Allows for visual aid!

Provide accountability sheets and assessments for students who use iPads in the classroom!

Coin Math
pinterest pearltrees

Chatter Pix
Groovy Grader
vocabulary spelling city
Adobe Voice
adventure to fitness
brain break videos
Concept Development Vs. Product Development
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