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Wind Energy

No description

paige tocco

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Wind Energy

Wind Energy What is wind energy? When air is in motion it forms kinetic energy.
This can be converted into other forms of energy and used.
How is wind energy used? Kinetic energy that comes from the wind
is transferred into mechanical or electrical
energy by the wind turbines.
Mechanical and electrical energy is
used in homes and businesses.
Benefits of Wind Energy •safer and cleaner energy source.
•renewable resource.
•domestic source of energy
•one of the cheapest renewable
energy sources available.
•can be used on a commercial scale
or residential scale
How does a wind turbine work? rotor
nacelle; drive train, gearbox, generator
electronic equipment
Where did windmills
originate? How have
windmills evolved? Windmills date back to 1700 BC used In Babylon,
Persia, Afgahistan for irrigation.
Used a vertical axis 11th century Dutch and french
used it to grind corn.
However they used a horizontal axis. 1850-1970 over 1 million windmills built in the US.
Mainly for water in the early years then they started to generate electricity.
Majority 1 hp or less used for water.
World Trade Center Bahrain
Provides 11-15% of the power needed for the building.
1888-Cleveland, Ohio-Charles F. Brush first windmill for electricity.
Research Continued until the great depression.
Oil Crisis of 73 brought it back to the front lines.
At least 5 windmill farms in the state of Michigan.
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