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Got Consent 2015

No description

Regina Haugland

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Got Consent 2015

Got Consent?
Assault Survivors Advocacy Program Presents:
Got Consent?
What is ASAP?
Assault Survivors Advocates Program is a free, confidential resource at UNC that provides support to anyone effected by sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.
Call us 24 hours a day at
Or call our office at
In most sexual assaults, the victim/survivor doesn’t know their attacker
Most sexual assaults are false reports
Men cannot be raped
Rapist are sexually frustrated men who act on sudden uncontrollable desires
Fact or Fiction
May be compelled through the use of physical force, manipulation, coercion, threats, and/or intimidation
Sexual Harassment
A Continuum of Sexual Violence
A nonconsensual sexual act inflicted upon a person unable or unwilling to give consent.
What is Sexual Assault?
What can we ask to get consent?
A clear head
Is voluntary
Consent requires…..
If sexual assault is a sexual act without consent, than what is consent?
Pat and Jess
Pat expresses feeling a little dizzy, so Jess offers to take Pat a few blocks down to Jess’s house. Jess ignores Pat trying to talk to friends, and instead escorts Pat out of the party.
Although Pat isn’t comfortable with Jess, Jess continues to touch Pat’s shoulder and whisper sexual comments into Pat’s ear. Pat ignores Jess and passes it off as flirting. Jess notices that Pat is pretty drunk, and asks if Pat is okay.
Jess and Pat meet at an off campus party. They start talking and Jess introduces Pat to some friends. As the evening progresses, Jess is careful to notice when Pat’s glass gets near empty and continues to refill it.
Jess takes Pat into the bedroom. Jess starts kissing and touching Pat. Pat doesn’t mind kissing, but doesn’t want to do anything else. Pat says, “Hey!” and “Stop! I don’t know you that well.” Jess maneuvers Pat’s underwear down and starts to have sex with Pat. Pat says, “If you’re going to do this to me, at least use protection.”
Why or why not?
Was this sexual assault?
Sexual Assault
Who are the victims?
of perpetrators are someone the victim knows
1 in 4
Colorado women is sexually assaulted in their lifetime
1 in 17
men is sexually assaulted in their life time
of child sexual abuse victims are male.
of all reported cases to ASAP the victim knew the perpetrator.
The most likely place to be sexually assaulted is in the residence of the victim or the perpetrator.

At least 80% of college students who had an unwanted sexual experience were under the influence of alcohol.
(Core Institute, University of Southern Illinois)
70% of cases reported to ASAP involve alcohol.
Lowers inhibition
Clouds Judgment
How does alcohol affect consent?
Suicidal Thoughts
Self-inflicted violence
Substance abuse
Nightmares, flashbacks
General mistrust
Withdrawal from family and friends
Reactions to Sexual Assault
There is no “standard” reaction to an assault. Some survivors may display all, some or none of these behaviors.
Self shame, guilt
Fear for one’s safety
Concern for the perpetrator
Depression, grief
Excessively alert, easily agitated
Anger, irritability
Preoccupation with disease, pregnancy, or even death
Changes in daily patterns (eating, sleeping)
42% of college women who are raped tell no one about their assault.
Listen and believe unconditionally.
Offer support, options, and resources.
Let them make their own decisions.
Ask what they want from you.
Assure them that it was not their fault.
Direct them to ASAP.
Call ASAP for assistance for yourself.
How to help a friend
How to change the world
Be mindful of what you say
Watch out for others
Talk about it!
How you can get involved:
Be a peer educator
Crisis intervention
Academic intervention
Medical and legal advocacy
Information and referrals
Have a buddy system.
Go with, stay with, and leave with your buddy.
Don’t leave unattended drinks.
And don’t accept drinks from others.
Know and communicate clearly your sexual limits.
Make sure both parties verbally consent.
Don’t have sex if either person has been drinking
Risk Reduction
Office Line: 970-351-1490
24-hour Confidential Hotline: 970-351-4040
Call for confidential counseling on campus: 970-351-2496
Non-confidential counseling can be reached by contacting the UNC police, Resident Assistants, or a trusted Professor.

Visit www.unco.edu/asap for anonymous reporting & information on sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.
Crisis intervention
Academic intervention
Medical and legal advocacy
Information and referrals
How you can get involved:
Be a peer educator
How Can ASAP Help?
Thank you for viewing our presentation. Feel free to call or stop by the ASAP office at any time with questions or concerns or if you need advocacy.

We would also appreciate it if you filled out the Evaluation Forms and return them to the ASAP advocate.
Why or why not?
Does asking to use protection equal consent?
Did Pat give Jess consent?
Was this sexual assault?
Why or why not?
In this presentation, we will be discussing gender violence; this includes things like sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking. This presentation may be upsetting to some individuals.
Please take care of yourself!
If you need to step out or leave, we will not be offended.
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