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Timeline Of The Keyboard

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con flo

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Timeline Of The Keyboard

History Of The Keyboard
By. Connor F., Cameron I., and Sean C.
Oldest Ancestor
Some the oldest typing machines resemble sewing machines with petal at the bottom for power.
Original "Keyboard"
The current, and most popular layout, QWERTY, has been around since the typewriter. When 2 nearby buttons were pressed, would be jammed. So, the keys that were less likely to be used together were put farther apart, thus creaty qwerty. There are many variations, such as the french keyboard, which is AZERTY.
QWERTY Keyboard
Original Typewriter QWERTY
1936 - Simplified Keyboard
Now known as the Dvorak layout it was patented and it put the most used letters in positions most comfortable.
First Computer Keyboard- 1956
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, created the first keyboard to directly input into a computer. It used QWERTY, like most typewriters did at the time.
1981- IBM makes a 83 key keyboard
In 1981, IBM released a new keyboard having a total of 83 keys. This is the one that we use nowadays.
1962- Model 33

Future of the Keyboard
They have recently invented wireless
keyboards, as well as laser-based
keyboards that use Bluetooth and can connect to a smart phone.
1964- IBM Adds New Keys
In 1964 IBM adds new keys like Esc, Alt, Ctrl, Pause, Break and SysRq (system request).
1984- IBM Creates Newest and last Keyboard
IBM Creates 101 Key- Keyboard that can be used across all its platforms and systems. Other manufacturers adopt it as a de facto standard.
The Teletype Corporation releases the model 33 computer keyboard. Before this, you had to use a punch card to communicate with a computer.
The I.B.M. 3720 display terminal
The I.B.M. 3720 display terminal is released, making the buttons Enter, Insert, Page up, Page down, and the arrow keys important parts of the keyboard
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