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Fun Girl Scout Songs

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Amanda Kaemmerer

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Fun Girl Scout Songs

Fun Girl Scout Songs
Where do I find these songs?
Often the best resource available to you is asking other volunteers within your Service Unit if they know alot of popular Girl Scout songs and might be willing to teach them to either you or your troop.

Or, check out the links below for tons of ideas!
"Watch Me Shine"
Here is some information about the new Girl Scout Anthem and how to download!

When to use songs...
Camp: Most people think of camp when they think of songs. This is a great time to teach songs and coordinating actions to the girls.

Ceremonies: Ceremonies are a very important part of Girl Scouting and a great way to mark the importance of the ceremony is through song.

Meetings: It doesn't have to be a special event to use songs. Songs are a great transition between activities, a way to signify the closing of the meeting, or to use up some extra energy!
Heritage of Songs in Girl Scouting
The love of music started with founder Juliette Gordon Low, who used the Kent County Song Book, which contained folk songs from the British Isles. As Girl Scouting grew in the U.S., there was need for a songbook that reflected American life.

The first songbook published by the Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Song Book, was in 1925 and is a collection of tunes recommended by the girls themselves. "Singing," the foreword began, "is one of the most important expressions of good fellowship." The Girl Scout Song Book was considered very progressive for its time. It featured Negro spirituals and songs about cowboys, patriotism, sea shanties, religion, and included songs from all over Europe.

Check this OUT!
Our very own Troop 8447 from Clinton County singing Girl Scout songs as part of their Girl Scout Bronze Award project!

Visit the GSSI YouTube channel and search for Clinton County.


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