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Welcome to Finance & Administrative Affairs New Hire Orienta

No description

FAA Student HR

on 30 November 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Finance & Administrative Affairs New Hire Orienta

Meet our Staff!
Greta Zimmermann
Jaya Knuth
Student Employment Coordinator
Student HR Generalist
Dedicated, talented professionals delivering quality administrative services to further UWM's mission in a diverse, sustainable environment.
To be the very best administrative unit among those in the finest research institutions, adding value to UWM, the greater Milwaukee region, UW System, and State of Wisconsin.
In working toward achieving its mission and vision, we will act consistently with the following core values: respect, respond, excel, and lead.
In furtherance of our vision to be the best administrative unit, we will focus on the following specific goals:
Champion UWM's future through stewardship of the master plan
Build an exceptional and diverse team
Communicate in proactive and innovative ways to respond to customer needs
Maximize financial resources to advance UWM's strategic priorities
Lead efforts to re-engineer business processes and standardize best practices
Code of Conduct
We understand that student employees are students first.
Student Attendance Policy
Dress Code
SSC does not have an official dress code. Student employees are expected to wear clothing that is not offensive or distracting to others. Inappropriate dress includes:
Shirts with profanity or inappropriate logos
Shirts that show midriff
Customer Service
Customer service is a central function of the division in support of our mission. As a student employee, you are an official part of our customer service team.
Body Language
First Impressions
Benefits of Student Employment
Enhance student's connection to UWM
Connections other than students and professors
Higher graduation rate
Time management
Career related experience
Sexual Harassment Video
Executive Order #54
"The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee strives to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for everyone involved in university activities. Children come into contact with UWM employees through various programs, camps, and events. On December 19th, 2011, the Governor signed Executive Order #54, which
requires that all University of Wisconsin System employees must report incidents of child abuse and neglect
UWM Discriminatory Conduct Policy
"UWM is committed to building and maintaining a campus environment that recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of every person, fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect, and encourages the members of its community to strive to reach their full potential."
Time Keeping
Log in to my.wisconsin.edu to clock in/out
Pay dates are every other Thursday and the check is deposited directly into your account.
ACA Requirements:
Students may only work up 25 hours a week during the 39 week academic calendar year.
Student Evaluations
Title IX
A federal law that prohibits sex discrimination.

UWM does not tolerate discrimination of harassing conduct that is based on a protected status.

UWM's Discriminatory Conduct Policy also prohibits retaliation. Retaliation is an adverse action made as a result of an individual complaint about conduct prohibited by the University's Discriminatory Conduct Policy.

Employee Work Injury and Illness Forms
All employees must report injuries within 24 hours of injury to Supervisor on duty.
Welcome to New Hire Orientation!
About the Chancellor
Mark Mone was appointed Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2014.

He has put the University on a strategic course for strengthened student success, research, partnerships, entrepreneurship and innovation while managing unprecedented challenges facing higher education, and the consolidation of two regional campuses into branch campuses of UWM.
UWM Student employment
Diversity Training Video
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