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Copy of Copy of the lorax assignment

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Pam Hargrove

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of the lorax assignment

3. Name an important natural resource in your region and how humans use it.

One of the main natural resources found in Ontario is fresh water. It is found in the Great Lakes. Which are Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan these are all located in southern Ontario. But Lake Michigan is located partly in the USA. these lakes give us part of our fresh water supply many of the other large bodies of water in Ontario that are also used for that supply.
1. The Once-ler moved across the land in his wagon. He came upon a new region with an important natural resource. (A natural resource is a plant, animal, or mineral that can be used by people.) What was this natural resource the Once-ler found? What other biotic and abiotic elements did he notice?

When the Once-ler moved across the land in his wagon he come across a land with a a Truffula tree with a touch softer than silk and the sweet smell of butterfly milk. He had never seen any trees like this and he wanted to use then all for him self. The Truffula trees had Truffula fruits which were eaten by the Bar-ba-loot. The trees were a shelter for many biotic things. Some abiotic things that he noticed was the sparkling water that was home t the humming fish. The other thing was the air that had a sweet smell on the fresh morning breeze.
4. The Once-ler and the Lorax had very different opinions about the usefulness of the thneed. Think about what products humans produce to improve their quality of life. Use an example and discuss its level of usefulness.

The product that I chose to discuss about level of usefulness is the Internet. This could be a very good argument on either of way if it was useful or if it was not useful. I have decided to talk about its usefulness. The Internet Was invented by humans to simplify finding information about millions of subjects. The internet is also very useful on a mobile or a cellular device. If you are lost on a high way and there in no were to stop then u get out the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) to find out were you are how to get were you are going. But the internet does have some points to it that are not as useful as others like social media and social networking we can live without but i do think that the Internet was one of the useful things that humans invented.
"I am the Lorax I speak for the trees, I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues. Now I'm asking you sir at the top of my lungs. That ,That thing that horrible thing that I see whats that thing you've made out of my Truffula tree?"
5. Businessmen, like the Once-ler, sometimes try to make more money by increasing the number of products they can sell. Often new machines and other systems are invented to do this. Describe some examples of ‘technology’ used in the story. Who did this technology benefit?

Some of the technology that the Once-ler used was the axe hacker it spun around in a circle and cut down more than one tree at a time to make the trees come into the factory faster so that they could make more thneeds. Another thing that the Once-ler used was the Factory machines that Knit the Thneeds and put Thneeds in boxes and sent Thneeds off to sell. The Once-ler used the Radio phone to contact with his Once-ler family to get them to come down to were he found the Truffula trees to help him knit the Thneeds. And the instant road maker that put in the Once-lers three lane high way for the thneed drive through it had a bull dozer in the front and it had cement pooring out the back of it. This Technology helped the Once-ler and only the Once-ler it destroyed the land that the animals lived in and made it more of a land for the
6. The use of technology requires the use of natural resources. The use of natural resources often has an effect on the environment. How did the production of thneeds affect the key biotic resource, the truffula trees?

The Production of thneeds affected the Truffula tree when they started cutting them down, which was immediately decreasing the population. in the beginning of the book the Truffula trees look brightly coloured and almost happy. By the end of the movie when the sky filled with smog the trees look almost like they were slouching over and they were sad to to be stuck standing were they were. When the last Truffula tree was cut don the tuft on top of it didn't look as puffy as it did at the beginning of the movie when the tufts swaying nicely in the wind.
7. Certain animals depended on truffula trees. Name the animals. Explain why these animals needed truffula trees and how they were affected.

The Bar-ba-loot were affected most. They depended on the Truffula fruits. They ate them as their main source of food. The next most dependent was the Swomie Swoms there needed the Trees for shelter and home they lived in the trees and the Once-ler took them away. The next one was the humming fish they lived in the water under the trees. they used the trees as shade from the sun. By the end of the book the Once-ler drove them away to leave their home were they lived. the smog from the factory drove out the Swomie swoms the poluted water drove out the humming fish and the lack of food got rid of the Bar-ba-loots.
2. The Once-ler used the land's natural resource to start a business which made and sold a product. What was the product? How was it used by buyers?

The product that was made was the Thneed and the Once-ler said that everyone needed. He used the tufts of the Truffula tree, Which was the lands natural resourse and held on of the main food sources for the Bar-ba-loots which was the Truffula fruits. Out of the top of the Truffula tree he made a Thneed. The Thneed is used as as a shirt, a sock, a glove, a hat, carpets, pillows, sheets, curtains, and covers for bicycle seats.
8. Threatened and endangered species are those plant and animal populations facing extinction. Often, this is a result of human activity. Can you name one threatened or endangered species in Ontario and describe why they face this condition?

One threatened species that is being endangered by human activity is the great white shark. The waters used to full of beautiful huge sharks. Then humans over hunted them because they found out that some sharks may eat people. Also the shark fins are put into soup and then the sharks are killed for humans to eat. The sharks are now way under populated. And polluted water gets inside the shark and they are suffocating on plastic bags and garbage that is floating around in the Ocean. This could have been avoided but humans were to greedy and wanted all of this to them self and didn't care if the sharks had to die for is
9. Interdependence is an important characteristic of the environment. Living things depend on certain abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living) factors. Can you think of a real example in which man's activities have impacted the interdependence in natural systems?

An interdependence of the environment that has been impacted by human activity is the salmon. Humans have impacted the water ways so much by driving boats and building dams in the water that the salmons travel in to spawn. If the salmon don't spawn then the animals that depended on the salmon like bears don't get the food that they need because the salmon don't spawn. Since the bears don't have the nutrition of the salmon to feed their cubs, the cubs might die. Which is lessening the population of the younger generation of the bears. There for affecting all of the things that depended on the bears.
10. In the end, the Once-ler says to the boy, “Now that you’re here, the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear. UNLESS someone like you, cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” What does his statement mean and how can you apply it to the current environmental problems that humans are facing today as a result of their impact on the Earth?

The statement means not unless anyone cares enough to care about what will happen in the future then nothing will get better. This can apply to the current environmental problems is not unless someone comes along and is strong and brave enough to stand up for the environment then nothing will ever change. We can make an impact on the earth and that is what the boy in the Lorax is trying to do. He is trying to bring back the Truffula trees and the Truffula fruits and the Te frolocking Bar-ba-loots In their Brown Bar-ba-loot suits.
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