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Stapleton Insurance Group

No description

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Stapleton Insurance Group

The Fruit
2013 Annual Report
If all of the leaves look the same how you can tell the difference?
Tilting Our Focus
Its time to smell the flowers and focus on the customer.
Founded agency in 1927
Rudy E. Stapleton
Start selling insurance
Housing Developments
FM Radio Stations
How do we stack up?
Our Roots
Our Core
What do each of these Hotel/Motels have in common?
What makes the Hotel/Motels different from each other?
The higher end Hotels don't require that you enter your room from the outside...
The Motel 6 doesn't offer food, the Hampton offers a continental breakfast, while the 4 Seasons has fine dining available....
The high end Hotels might have concierge services - like Valet, Room Service, etc.
Do I really have to buy all of those songs?
What can we learn from all of this?
So what is the common denominator between the two?
- They moved their business focus away from the 'PRODUCT' and they focused on the 'CUSTOMER'
- They focused on improving the customers EXPERIENCE, reducing the customers COST, and reducing
the customers RISK.
At Stapleton Insurance we are moving to improve the customers experience, by moving forward with the 4 tier service model - which positions every Stapleton associate for success.
We are investing in new technology to postion our team for success in and out of our offices.
But most importantly it is up to each of you to improve the overall customers experience, by reducing the complexity of our business, lowering the customers costs and reducing their risk. We need to focus on the customers pain points and identify why they are not buying.
If we can improve the customers experience, lower their cost and reduce their risk they will in turn spend more money with us. Our focus needs to be on the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE not the PRODUCT.
Any questions?
Are there any acquisitions on the horizon?

What are we doing to fix our system issues?
Where do you see the agency in 5 years?
What do you think is the greatest threat to the agency?
Why is the agency hiring so many new producers?
Will we be hiring a 5th commercial account manager?
We are devoted to a process that differentiate us from our peers - one client at a time...
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