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the serpens constellation. serpent

abe weisler

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Serpens

Serpens -The Serpent -Circumpolar Best seen in the southern hemisphere at nine o clock. The constallation Serpens is forever intertwined with the constallation Ophiuchus, the snake-handler. Ophiuchus, with the snake around his body, has been a symbol of healing. Eventually, Ophiuchus became such a good healer that he became a threat to the gods. Zues killed him with a thunderbolt, but placed him in the sky so people could remember him. Hercules Delphinus Sagittarious Star Chart Unukalhai Gamma Ser Delta Ser Epsilon Serpentis 2.65 3.71 3.85 3.8 430 light years 36 light years 6280 Kelvin 210 light years 7550 Kelvin Serpens
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