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shea Butter

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Sisters

Character Analysis
The protagonist,Raina,in the book Sisters ,by Raina Telgemeier, is a book full of adventure.

Imagine going on a road trip to a family reunion,and your car brakes down in the middle of the highway. Your mom leaves to get help and a snake pops out from under the seat.
The conflict is that Raina got a sister. Although she wanted a sister, she now has changed her mind.
"Why did I ever want a sister?!"
The rising action is when they go on a road trip and their dad leaves them and goes on an airplane instead. They run into a big storm and barely make it through. They miss the exit and then finally get to Colorado.
The climax is when they are leaving and their car brakes down in the middle of the highway. Raina's mom and Will (brother) take off in a strangers car to go get help. While Raina and Amara stayed in the car on the side of the highway, a snake popped out from under a seat.
The falling action is when they scoop up the snake. Amara (who owned the snake) gave Raina batteries for her music box and in exchange Raina would let Amara keep the snake. Their mom and Will came back.They got their car fixed and then they ate at Burger King.
"C'mon Mango .....
over here

The resolution is that Amara and Raina helped each other and became friends.
Raina is a female girl that is very fierce. She has brown hair,hates snakes,likes music, and hates her sister. You first get introduced to her at the top of page 3. you can see she is very feirce.
Their mom says "How do you expect to survive a week in the car if you can't even get through DINNER?"
ages 5-15
I rate this book a 10/10
I would recomend this book to girls
At the begining, Raina was selfish and shutting the world out.
At the end she became friendly.
I could really relate to her because, I hate my siblings too.
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