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Canadian Shield/Social Science Region Project Write Up

This is my Social Science Project Write Up.

Karan Rupal

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Shield/Social Science Region Project Write Up

Created by: Karan Singh Rupal
Region: The Canadian Shield
Habitat: Water Bodies
Provinces that make up my region: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec plus Newfoundland and Labrador
Food Chain: Aquatic Plant, Tadpole, Northern Pike, Otter Social Science Write Up A: Describe the physical regions and the natural resources in your region of Canada. B: Describe ways in which humans are dependent on your habitat. C: Discuss the negative and positive impacts that humans have on natural habitats. The Canadian Shield has a large amount of mineral deposits. It is considered the world’s richest area in terms of mineral deposits which is one of the natural resources in the Canadian Shield. It is filled with a substantial (important) amount of nickel, gold, silver and copper. Northern Ontario is also filled with resources such as copper, zinc, iron, gold, silver, uranium, diamonds and lead.Some of the physical features found in the Canadian Shield are rocky hills,glaciers, thousands of lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, highlands, smooth hill, forests, plains, lowlands and marshes. There are many amazing physical features found in the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield is truly an amazing region.The glaciers of ice age spread across this amazing region. The weight of the ice scarped the surface of the rocky hills. In many places you can see scratches on the rock. These were made when stones frozen into the ice of a glacier dragged across the bedrock. When the glaciers melted and retreated, the rock and soil were left, creating hills and gravel beds Humans are dependent on water body habitats because humans need water to survive. More than 35 million people in 8 states and Canada depend on lakes for fresh water. Humans can only go 3-5 days without water because our bodies are made up of 50%-70% of water and the brain is amazingly made out of 80% water. Humans need water for survival. That is why my habitat (water bodies) is important to humans and that is why humans are dependent on my habitat. A negative impact that humans have made on forest habitats is chopping down trees. This is a very big negative impact because lots of animals live in trees. Chopping down trees is also hurting humans. We are running out of clean air to breathe because people are cutting down trees. Chopping down trees is killing a lot of wild life such as the Green Tree Python, the Spotted Owl, the Tree Kangaroo, the Wood Pecker and many more. There are some different positive impacts that humans have made on natural habitats like passing laws, establishing wildlife preserves, recycling, searching for alternative energy sources and more, but the one I am going to be talking about is recycling. Recycling helps make a positive impact on natural habitats because we don’t destroy that many trees and don’t waste wood as much. Recycling is helpful because you can reuse materials like paper and plastic. Recycling helps save a lot of wood and habitats. The food chain that is shown in my model habitat goes like this, Aquatic Plant, Tadpole, Northern Pike, Otter.My food chain has been affected by my industry (Hydro Electricity) because when people create dams, it may prevent migratory fish from swimming upstream to spawn. This affects my 2nd level consumer, the Northern Pike. I researched and my research show that the Northern Pike migrates. It also damages the young fish that swim downstream that get mangled by the turbines. D: Demonstrate how environmental factors have affected your habitat How my food chain has been affected by the Hydro Electricity One environmental factor that has affected my habitat is water pollution. Water pollution has affected my habitat because the main problem caused by water pollution is the effect it has on aquatic life. Dead fish, birds, dolphins, and many other animals often wind up on beaches. This also creates a problem with many food chains because some animals are dying and then the next animal in the food chain has nothing to eat and then the next and so on. Water pollution is caused by many things (for example garbage, chemicals, industrial and agricultural wastes, E.T.C.). Water pollution does not only affect my habitat, but it also affects humans because water pollution causes the water quality to become bad and then we bathe, wash our hands, drink and do a lot of other things with that same water which is polluted and dirty.
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