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No description

Conor Canning

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Boxing

But Seriously...What Can We Learn From Boxing?

Dynamic Flexibility
Lower Body Connection
Ease and Comfort in Movement
Boxing and it's Relationship to Theater

Why are martial arts so appealing to human beings?
Why do martial arts permeate our popular culture?
Why Boxing?
I thought it was cool
I thought people would think I was cool
Only one of these turned out to be true
Boxing Warm Up: Jump Rope
Walk in Place
Side Swing
Double Under
Boxer Bounce
Toe-Heel alignment
Knees bent
Feet not spread too far apart
Rolls and Pivots
Right Cross
Left Hook
Right Uppercut
I have a large collection of boxing videos, highlights and actual training videos, for anyone who is interested.
Things to remember:
Exhale with each punch
Power comes form the lower body
Keep your hands relaxed
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