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Introduction to MS Access

No description

T Alidina

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to MS Access

An Introduction MS Access So why would anyone want to use MS Access over MS Excel? Database Efficiency Task Because... Spreadsheets are ideal for creating one time analysis but become problematic as the data grows and evolves over time. Databases are useful to search for specific records really quickly After going through the introductory presentation and showing the YouTube video on how to create a query, the students will be given the chance to explore Microsoft Access for about 5-10 minutes. The learning curve for using spreadsheets such as MS Excel is short and one can easily create tables, graphs and so on on.

Many MS Office users are comfortable to use Excel and do not know the power of Access. As new rows and columns get added, summary ranges and formulas need to be modified or new ones created. Data and formulas aren't consistently updated, and these mistakes lead to bad results and decisions. The challenges of spreadsheets are due to the difficulty maintaining them accurately over time and scaling the volume. This is where databases are efficient Data is structured and normalized through multiple tables MS Access allows users to create queries to summarize data Examples of databases Telephone directory
Fitness Club Membership
Student information in a school
Budget information What is a database? A database is a collection of data or information which is stored in a logical and structured way Creating a database on MS Access It is an organized list of facts and information. Databases usually contain text and numbers, and frequently they hold still images, sounds and video or film clips. There are a lot of templates available and you as the user can choose which template you want according to the type of data, or you can design your own database. For the purpose of this task, I have created a database with student information to explain basic Access terminology Field A field is a column in a table and defines a data type for a set of values in a table. Record A record is a row in a table and is a set of values defined by fields. It is all of the data about one person or one thing File A file is the collection of all the database records on one topic or subject Queries A query consists of specifications indicating which fields, records and summaries you want to see from a database. Remember: R – Record –> R- Row Queries are basically questions about the data in a database. They allow you to extract data based on the criteria you define. Creating a Query using Query wizard Students brainstorm on what kind of information the school keeps about them. I will use Google spreadsheet to collect their ideas.
Student input their own information into the same Google spreadsheet which is shared with the class.
Working individually, students will create a database using the information from the Google spreadsheet.
Think of a question to “ask” their database and create a query.
Finally, Students will be asked to delete their own record from the database and take screen shots of their database, question and query results and email them to me. Task for students MS Excel Vs MS Access Question posed to students:
What kind of information can we extract from the database?
Using their ideas , I will demonstrate how to create a simple query using the query wizard.
Tahera Alidina Create a database

Create a query

Delete their own record from the database

Take screen shots of their work and email them to me. Task continued
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