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Kacey Tran

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Tennessee

Major Cities/Points of Interest
Tennessee became a state on June 1,1796.
Tennessee's Symbols
The Volunteer State
Abbreviation: TN
People in Tennessee are called Tennesseans!
This is what Tennessee's state flag looks like.
State Bird
- the mockingbird was elected state bird by a nationwide vote.

State Flowers
Passion Flower and Iris
- the General Assembly decided that the passion flower would be the state wildflower and the iris the state cultivated flower.
State Tree
Tulip Poplar
- this tree was chosen because it grows throughout the state and the first settlers used its wood for building. The trees can grow up to 200 feet tall.
This is Tennessee's map.
West Tennessee-

this part of Tennessee has flat land.
Middle Tennessee-

this part of Tennessee has rolling hills and valleys.
East Tennessee-

this part of Tennessee has lots of mountains.


General Climate
Tennessee is 4,300 ft. above sea level.
In Tennessee it rains & snows. Most of
the time it's about 80-100 F
in Tennessee.
Region: Southeast
Major Lakes,


and Mountain Ranges
Some major lakes are the Kentucky, Barkley, Norris, and Chickamauga Lake.
Some major rivers are the Cumberland, Hatchie, Mississippi, Duck, and Tennessee River.
Some major mountain ranges are the Great Smoky Mountains and the Clingmans Dome.
These are The Great Smoky Mountains!
Major Exports
The three top exports are medical equipment, motor vehicle parts, and computer equipment.
There are many products imported to the state each year like footwear and electronics, such as laptops and printers.
Agricultural/Farming Products/Products Manufactured
Soybean, Snap Beans
Hay, Wheat
Cotton, Wool
Coke Bottles
Natural Resources
natural gas
This is Fed Ex's world headquarters
Major Cities/Population
Nashville- more than 540,000 people
Memphis- 650,000 people
Knoxville- 170,000 people
The total of people in Tennessee is 6.5 million.
National Parks
Historical Sites
Big South Fork National River
Appalachian National River
Cades Cove
Alex Haley Home And Museum
Carter House
This is
Memphis, Tennessee
This Nashville, Tennessee
Places to See/Special Annual Events
Elvis Week
Tourist Attractions
Tourist can go see Elvis' mansion also known as Graceland.
People can go to the Civil Rights Museum and the motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed
This is Knoxville, Tennessee
Famous People From Tennessee
Interesting Facts
Coca Cola was first bottled in Chattanooga after 2 attorneys purchased the bottling rights for $1.00.
The famous railroad engineer Casey Jones, who was killed when his train crashed April of the 1900s, lived in Jackson Tennessee.
Tennessee is home to 3,800 caves.
Bristol, Tennessee is now known as the birthplace of country music.
When Tennessee became a state its population was 77,000.
The Moon Pie hit the markets of Chattanooga Tennessee in 1917 and became an instant favorite treat.
Elvis Presley- Singer
Oprah- Talk Show Host
Justin Timberlake- Singer/Actor
Megan Fox- Actress
David Weathers- Baseball Player
Lucy Hale- Actress
Raleigh Mckenzie- Football Player
Lynn Swan- Football Player
Pop Quiz
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