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Gramophone Record Player

No description

History Class Students

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Gramophone Record Player

Gramophone Record Player
The Phonograph
The first method of recording sound
The phonograph was Edison's first great invention
This invention made Edison famous
He toured the country with the phonograph
In 1878 was invited to the White House to present the phonograph to President Rutherfor B. Hayes
Emile Berliner
First inventor to stop recording on the cylinder
First person to start recording on flat disks
November 8, 1887 Emile Berliner (a German immigrant) created the gramophone and records
by Ayanna Beaudoin
Work Cited




Phonograph record player
Fast Facts
Thomas Edison invented the phonograph to record music in 1877
Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester Bell, and Charles Tainter invented the graphaphone in 1886
In 1887 Edison's invention was sold to the public
In 1887 Emile Berliner invented the gramophone record
The Gramophone
Ten years after the phonograph was invented, Berliner invented the gramophone
The records had grooves going around the whole thing for the needle to rest in
The record player had to be hand cranked
In 1900 Eldridge Johnson and worked together, creating a motor so people no longer had to hand-crank it
gramophone record
without hand crank
Records have been made of glass, plastic, zinc, hard rubber and now polyvinyl
In the 1890s, records were originally made to be 7 inches
In 1910 the most popular sized record was 10 inches
the 10-inch records had about three minutes of music on each side
In 1903 12-inch records were commercially sold, with four to five minutes of music on each side
Crosley record
Thank you
for watching :)
Thomas Edison:
In 1877 Thomas Edison created the phonograph, with the help of his assistants
The first voice recording was Edison shouting into the cylinder "Mary had a little lamb."
Family's used the phonograph to record their history
Teachers would often use them to record their lessons
the gramophone
In 1901 Berliner's company merged with Eldridge Johnson (the inventor) and became the Victor Talking Machine Company
They advertised both gramophones and records
Johnson modified the gramophone, making it so the horn magnified the sound
The new design was let out in 1906 and was called the Victrola
As each design was modified, the sound continued to increase in strength
Even though the sound of the phonograph didn't have good sound, people still enjoyed it because it was the first recording and music player
The Crosley record player is the newest model and comes with built in speakers. It has a much clearer sound and is able to keep the table cleaner
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