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Leanne Kelly

on 15 December 2015

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The Organization
The Sentencing Project

Rough Cut
Additional Media
Why? (Call to Action)
Why we care
: This is an opportunity to shed light on an industry that is unjust and an organization that aims to assist incarcerated women through the gift of books.

Why you should care:
It is vital that more individuals understand the reality of the prison industrial complex and the ways that they can learn more and incite change.
Pitch (Elevator)

Log line

Distribution Plan
Advocacy Contact
Distribution Plan
Chicago Books to Women in Prison
Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, And Americas Prison Nation by Beth Richie

A ‘prison nation’ creates barriers for women to find recourse through the law and criminalizes victims, so contact with the justice system worsens women's situations.
Arrested Justice contributes to a growing body of work on how investment in mass incarceration and divestment from the social safety net in the US are conceptually intertwined with policy moves that have harmed the poor. Especially poor women, in complex ways.
Richie argues for reinvestment in community resources for multiple reasons; including being a means of responding to violence against women beyond law enforcement.
This book relates to our project because it highlights an ongoing problem in America's society but in it's prison system as well.

Vermont Incarcerated Womens’ Initiative Drug Education. A dissertation by Susan Onderwyzer.

This dissertation highlights the findings of a local program Called DETER. The program is for incarcerated women from a local area in Vermont.
The program focuses on educating incarcerated women to enhance their chances being successful in staying out of the prison system.
The findings concluded that through the program women were less likely to become repeat offenders and successfully stay out of prison.
Life inside the NM women's prison
Additional Media
Ex Libris: Books to Prisoners
Paperback prison is a short documentary that highlights the organization, Chicago Books to Women in Prison. This group fills requests and provides books to incarcerated women across the country. The documentary will entail interviews with Chicago Books volunteers as well as formerly incarcerated women who benefited from the books they received. As well as footage from a Chicago Books event which involved several other Chicago based prison reform organizations. There are six students involved with the production of this documentary, using mostly donated or rented equipment. We are working closely with the members of Chicago books to ensure that the final product represents their organization well and serves as a call to action for others. The target length is 5-8 minutes and we will promote widely on Columbia College’s campus and on various social media platforms.
Highlighting a Chicago
organization that provides a sense of acknowledgment and the opportunity
to self-educate for incarcerated women
through the gift of books and journals.
Website: http://chicagobwp.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoBookstoWomeninPrison

Twitter: @ChicagoBWP
Students at Columbia.
Those surrounding CBWP.
Those interested in reforming the prison industrial complex and providing support and assistance to those who are or have been incarcerated.
Poster to be distributed on Columbia's campus
Social Media blast through CBWP 1-2x per week after initial release.
Crew members will share on their social media.
Will be shared on the DocSocIn page.
The number of women in prison increased by 646% between 1980 and 2010, rising from 15,118 to 112,797.1,2 Including women in local jails, more than 205,000 women are now incarcerated.
The lifetime likelihood of imprisonment for women is 1 in 56; however, the chance of a woman being sent to prison varies by race.
As of 2001, the lifetime likelihood of imprisonment was:
1 in 19 for black women.
1 in 45 for hispanic women.
1 in 118 for white women.

Related Organizations Contact
Black and Pink

Website: www.blackandpink.org
Facebook: facebook.com/chicagoblackandpink
Twitter: @blackandpinkchi
CLAIM- Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (Cabrini Green Legal Aid)

Website: http://www.cgla.net/claim
Facebook: facebook.com/claimassociateboard
Twitter: @CGLA
Liberation Library
Website: Liberationlib.com
Facebook: facebook.com/liberationlibrary
Twitter: @LiberationLib
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