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Branches of Chemistry

For Chemistry

James Cox

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Branches of Chemistry

An exaple of this would be batteries. Branches Of Chemistry Chemistry includes six different branches of study and research. This is the study of most carbon- containing compounts.
This means that Organic Chemistry focuses on compounds that contain carbon.
These can be gasses, liquids, or solids. Organic Chemistry An example of this would be Photosynthesis The study of non- organic substances, many of which have organic fragments bonded to metals or organometallics.
This branch of chemistry also includes compounds without carbon. An example of this would be salt. Inorganic Chemistry The study of the properties and changes of matter and their relation to energy.
In other words, this branch focuses on how the property and changes of something relates to its energy. Physical Chemistry The identification of the components and composition of materials.
This branch identifies components and how materials are made up. Analytical Chemistry An example of this would be when you check the pH in your fish tank. The study of substances and processes occurring in living things.
This branch focuses on the living things and what goes on with them. For exapmle, a Biochemist would study the characteristics of the keratin in hair so that a shampoo may be developed that enhances curliness or softness. Biochemistry Theoretical Chemistry Computers are used to predict Theorectical Chemistry. The use of mathematics and computers to understand the principles behind observed chemical behavior and to design and predict the properties of new compounds.
This branch is all about using the technology we have to predict what new compounds can be made up by observed chemical behavior. THE END
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