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Waiting For Godot

AP English 12

Jenine S.

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Waiting For Godot

Waiting For Godot Tragedy? Comedy? Tragicomedy? The Tree of Tragicomedy Setting and Isolation Character Relationships Food and Objects Violence and Suffering Memory Loss The Unchanging Nature
of the Play Why? A tree. A country road. Evening. Vladimir: He said wait by the tree. (They look at the tree.) Do you see any others.

Estragon: What is it?

Vladimir: I don’t know. A willow.

Estragon: Where are the leaves?

Vladimir: It must be dead.

Estragon: No more weeping. Pozzo: Is it evening?

Silence. Vladimir and Estragon scrutinize the sunset.

Estragon: It’s rising.

Vladimir: Impossible.

Estragon: Perhaps it’s the dawn.

Vladimir: Don’t be a fool. It’s the west over there. Vladimir: (looking round). It’s indescribable. It’s like nothing. There’s nothing. There’s a tree. Pozzo and Lucky Didi and Gogo Estragon: Do you remember the day I threw myself into the Rhone? Estragon: All my lousy life I’ve crawled about in the mud! And you talk to me about scenery! (Looking wildly about him.) Look at this muckheap! I’ve never stirred from it! Vladimir: We met yesterday. (Silence.) Do you not remember?
Pozzo: I don’t remember having met anyone yesterday. But to-morrow I won’t remember having met anyone to-day. So don’t count on me to enlighten you. Vladimir: You’re sure you saw me, you won’t come and tell me to-morrow that you never saw me! Vladimir: Nothing you can do about it.
Estragon: No use struggling.
Vladimir: One is what one is.
Estragon: No use wriggling
Vladimir: The essential doesn’t change.
Estragon: Nothing to be done. Estragon: Well, shall we go?
Vladimir: Yes, let’s go.
They do not move. The comedy lightens the mood of the play and creates a surface level that everyone can understand
The play seems to reflect life- a little absurd and a little tragic
The tragedy aspect of the play helps to create a lasting impression on the audience Estragon: Ah stop bantering and help mt take off this thing
Vladimir: Hand in hand from the top of the Eiffel Tower, among the first. We were respectable in those days. Now it's too late. They wouldn't even let us up. What are you doing?
Estragon: Taking off my boot. Did that ever happen to you.
Vladimir: Boots must be taken off every day, I'm tired telling you that. Why don't you listen to me?
Estragon: Help me
Vladimir: It hurts?
Estragon: Hurts! He wants to know if it hurts!
Vladimir: No one ever suffers but you. I didn't count it. I'd like to hear what you'd say if you had what I have. Estragon: I'm hungry
Vladimir: Do you want a carrot?
Estragon: Is there all there is?
Vladimir: I might have some tunips
Estragon: Give me a carrot
Vladimir: Oh pardon! All that's turnips. You must have eaten the last. Wait, I have it. There dear fellow. Make it last, that's the end of them. "Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful!" Estragon: Please sir
Pozzo: What is it, my good man?
Estragon: Er . . . you've finished with the . . . er . . . you don't need the . . . er . . . bones, Sir?
Vladimir: You couldn't have waited?
Pozzo: No no, he does well to ask. Do I need the bones?No, personally I do not need them any more. But . . . but in theory the bones go to the carrier. He is therefore the one to ask.Go on, go on, don't be afraid, ask him, he'll tell you. Estragon: Why don’t we hang ourselves?

Vladimir: With what?

Estragon: You haven’t got a bit of rope?

Vladimir: No.

Estragon: Then we can’t. Pozzo: The fresh air stimulates the jaded appetite. (He opens the basket, takes out a piece of chicken and a bottle of wine.) Estragon takes Vladimir's hat. Vladimir adjusts Lucky's hat on his head. Estragon puts on Vladimir's hat in place of his own which he hands to Vladimir. Vladimir takes Estragon's hat. Estragon adjusts Vladimir's hat on his head. Vladimir puts on Estragon's hat in place of Lucky's which he hands to Estragon. Estragon takes Lucky's hat. Vladimir adjusts Estragon's hat on his head. Estragon puts on Lucky's hat in place of Vladimir's which he hands to Vladimir. Vladimir takes his hat, Estragon adjusts Lucky's hat on his head. Vladimir puts on his hat in place of Estragon's which he hands to Estragon. Estragon takes his hat. Vladimir adjusts his hat on his head. Estragon puts on his hat in place of Lucky's which he hands to Vladimir. Vladimir takes Lucky's hat. Estragon adjusts his hat on his head. Vladimir puts on Lucky's hat in place of his own which he hands to Estragon. Estragon takes Vladimir's hat. Vladimir adjusts Lucky's hat on his head. Estragon hands Vladimir's hat back to Vladimir who takes it and hands it back to Estragon who takes it and hands it back to Vladimir who takes it and throws it down. V: We can still part, if you think it would be better.
E: It’s not worthwhile now.
No, it’s not worthwhile now. E:You see, you feel worse when I’m with you. I feel better alone too.
V: (vexed). Then why do you always come crawling back?
E: I don’t know. E: I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t have been better off alone, each one for himself. (He crosses the stage and sits down on the mound.) We weren’t made for the same road. Pozzo: I woke up one fine day as blind as Fortune. (Pause.) Sometimes I wonder if I'm not still asleep. Pozzo: Stop! (Lucky stops.) Back! (Lucky moves back.) Stop! (Lucky stops.) Turn! (Lucky turns towards auditorium.) Think! Pozzo: He wants to impress me, so that I'll keep him Vladimir: Off we go again. (Pause.) Do you not recognize me?

Boy: No sir. Vladimir: And they didn't beat you?
Estragon: Beat me? Certainly they beat me.
Vladimir: The same lot as usual?
Estragon: The same? I don't know. Estragon: Oh the swine! (He pulls up the leg of his trousers.) He's crippled me!
Pozzo: I told you he didn't like strangers. Estragon: That’s enough. I’m tired.
Vladimir: You’d rather be stuck here doing nothing?
Estragon: Yes.
Vladimir: Please yourself. Vladimir: Is it possible you’ve forgotten already?
Estragon: That’s the way I am. Either I forget immediately or I never forget.
Vladimir: And Pozzo and Lucky, have you forgotten them too?
Estragon: Pozzo and Lucky?
Vladimir: He’s forgotten everything! jason!
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