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No description

Laurence Snow

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of AdWords

Natural listings
Sponsored listings
Google places
Product listing ads AdWords Search Engine (Google) Google Display Network Campaign Natural Listing Sponsored Listing (SL) Product Listing Ads (PLA's) {Keyword}
{Location} YouTube TrueView Search Watch Channel GND ads GDN ad } { } { } { Keywords Landing page { } Sponsored ad Featured video You want a Philips Juicer
but you want a good price. { } You look at Amazon which is a good place to start but decide to continue shopping around { } Your viewing history is stored as a Cookie { } Which means the product you viewed can be remarketed back to you { } Google Data Network can be used to retarget people
who have viewed the site but not purchased anything PPC Process Find Business Keywords Feedback on Relevance Ad Group Creatives Review meeting and report requirements Keyword Research List the Keywords that are aimed specifically at the products We research into what Keywords and phrases have strength and subsequently can drive traffic to the landing page You estimate what keywords have the most relevance to what you want to promote Pre-launch Meeting Upload Ads to AdWords Generate HTML Preview Business/Legal/Brand
Approval Launch
Campaign Monitor Performance & Report Adjust Campaign End
Campaign SEO Tracking Code If the keyword research is complete you can skip the first 5 steps How much do you want to invest?
What channels do you want to target? Search, GDN, YouTube.
USP? free delivery etc
Landing page review. Any changes needed? create the ad groups and creatives. approve advertisements
sign off project plan
check branding
finalise budget
what do you want to track? Refine the bidding, day parting age gating and location Analyse the details and take the top converting keywords and apply to the landing page of the site. Re-marketing GDN TrueView In-Stream
For video content you'd like to promote before short- or longform videos
After five seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ad.
TrueView in-stream videos can appear on videos and on video publisher pages in and out of the GDN.
No charge if video is under 30 seconds and not clicked. TrueView In-Slate
Promote a video ad before videos 10 minutes+
Before the video plays, you have the option to watch one of three ads, or to watch regular commercial breaks throughout.
You'll only be charged when viewers choose to watch your ad. TrueView In-Search
Lets you promote a video next to search results on YouTube.
Keywords will highlight your video to viewers who may be interested in your content.
You'll only be charged when viewers begin watching your video. TrueView In-Display
Promote a video next to YouTube videos or other websites across the GND.
TrueView in-display videos can only appear on YouTube Videos and Watch pages on video publishers of the GDN.
You’ll only be charged when viewers choose to watch your ad. Remember: What would a consumer search for? Remember: What are your keywords?
What is your USP? we upload the adverts to AdWords, set the keywords, negative keywords, max CPC and the daily budget We generate a preview so you can see exactly what your adverts will look like Check there are consistencies in the brand and all claims are correct Add the tracking code to the landing page Weekly and bi-weekly reporting on the campaign progress Remeasure
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